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Introduction: What are Antagonist PCs?

xxxxxAntagonist PCs are characters who do not belong to the X-Men or the Brotherhood, many of which are not even mutants, but that provide opposition to the Brotherhood or the X-Men. They are there to stir the two main groups of the game into activity and tell more focused stories about a certain threat, while also giving the player/ST more control over the destiny of their plot. They are characters who may have their own stories, but in the end they exist to enhance the experience of the game as a whole.

xxxxxDisclaimer: Antagonist PCs are not a right of every player. They have prerequisites, and your pitch may be denied, period. Although they are characters with their own goals and drives, their main reason to be is not to hand an unique character in the hands of a player, but to give them a unique tool to run enrich the game with a tale that surrounds their Antagonist PC.

xxxxxAntagonist PCs are an extra character slot for those willing to put in the work to keep them!

Applying for an Antagonist PC:


xxxxxUnlike other PCs, antagonists require two things:

xxxxxxxxxx• Have one approved PC
xxxxxxxxxx• Have run two open +events.


xxxxxWhen putting your +pitch in for an Antagonist PC, you must answer these questions in it. Although we are not looking for academic papers, we do ask you put some oomph in what you write. This is you saying you will be committed with providing fun for others, and in return getting a unique character to go with it. Mind you, no matter how the concept is on Earth-616 (Marvel's normal continuity) all characters in Mutant Genesis exist through a mutant prism. If your character is completely detached from mutants, then the character is not going to be approved.

xxxxxxxxxx1) Why did you choose this character?

xxxxxxxxxx2) What makes this character a good antagonist?

xxxxxxxxxx3) How do you plan to provide consistent RP with this character?

xxxxxxxxxx4) Does her canon diverge from Earth-616 in any way?

xxxxxxxxxx5) What is your character's opinion on mutants, the Brotherhood and the X-Men?


xxxxxThese are the Tiers of characters. The difference between them is that characters on Tier A will be closely watched in regards to the plots ran about them. They are valuable resources to the game. Tier B characters are given more leeway after the +pitch. Please mind you that the +pitch asks things about mutants. If your approach to a character doesn't take in consideration mutants, the X-Men and the Brotherhood, you will probably be denied the character. This is a game about mutants. This list is a work in progress.

xxxxxTier A: The marquee names like Sabretooth and Juggernaut (staple X-Men villains) or Ms. Marvel and Green Goblin (Avenger types or big antagonists).

xxxxxTier B: Side antagonists from the Marvel Universe like the Venom symbiote or MODOK.

xxxxxBanned: Characters too big to be in control of any single player like Apocalypse or Master Mold.

Tier One Black Widow, Iron Man, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Omega Red
Tier Two Hydro-Man, MODOK, Venom
Banned Apocalypse, Captain America, Exodus, Magneto, Sinister and Sugar Man


xxxxxAll Antagonist PCs need to schedule and run a public +event per month. Failing that they will lose the charbit. The Antagonistic PC doesn't need to be featured in the scene, although Staff would love if they were sometime.

xxxxxAntagonist PCs must have a wiki. Just go to the Roster and create one!

xxxxxPlease pitch your PrPs to staff first, before scheduling, so we are up to speed with what is up. Paging is also fine.


xxxxx• Antagonist PCs do not go to X-Men or Brotherhood +events in a non-antagonistic capacity. This means that if the +event isn't about your PC opposing the X-Men or the Brotherhood, that PC is unsuitable for the +event. Do not sign up to any +events unless you and the Storyteller have talked and decided for a good role for your Antagonist PC.

xxxxx• Push comes to shove, no Antagonist PC would stand against their original affiliation. They may hate it, but the fight must go on. This means that Iron Man needs to have a reason to fight the X-Men if the Avengers decide to do it, and it is up to his player to figure it out. Antagonist PCs may be friends, lovers, mentors of mutants, but when the gauntlet is thrown, it is clobbering time.


What's with the prerequisites?

xxxxxWhen you take an Antagonist PC, they are yours to roleplay, and you will shape their stories in the game. No other player will emote them in plots. This means you have control, but the game loses an important storytelling resource. If you are not making use of this resource as intended, we will require it back.

What can I do with an Antagonist PC?

xxxxxThe Antagonist PC is yours. It is your character as much as your first character is your character. The benefits is that you will be in control of that character's storylines (along with staff) and, other than the fact you need to move plot, the character is yours. So if you are playing Omega Red, you can run plots and play Arkady on the side. Schedule +events, and you'll be golden.

Can I kill my antagonist when I'm done with them?

xxxxxNo. If you run a scene where Silver Samurai cuts five mutant babies with his sword and the Brotherhood and/or the X-Men want to off you, there are two possible outcomes. If this outlandish plot was pre-approved by Staff, it is on you to find a way to end that story without clear cut death. Fall into a pit, sink with the ship, whatever. If the plot was not pre-approved by staff, odds are it will be retconned. In both stances, your tenure with that character is over.