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They do not fear because they don't understand us. They fear us because they do.


After Washington

xxxxxMore than the X-Men, the Brotherhood was their founder, and when Magneto vanished the organization almost crumbled to dust. Many of the older, more radical members of the group, never team players to begin with, left to pursue their own interests and personal wars, and the remnant of the Brotherhood rallied to the children of Erik Lensherr and seasoned veterans like Mystique and the precognitive Destiny.

State of Affairs

xxxxxThe Brotherhood of Mutants is a cult-like terrorist organization and a major threat to the United States according to the S.H.I.E.L.D. reports. Whenever mutants suffer, the Brotherhood retaliates. Not only willing to simply react to the homo sapiens, however, the Brotherhood is often the one on the offensive, and their message is clear and public: no enemy of mutants will be allowed to thrive, wherever they hide.

xxxxxThe Brotherhood remembers Magneto as a messiah, and the young mutants that flock to them do so out of admiration for a figure that refused victimhood. In the alleys of Mutant Town, in the internet and in fringe radio shows, they are the resistance.

HQ: One-Eyed Joe, Mutant Town

xxxxxSince the appearance of Mutant Town as a safe haven for mutants the Brotherhood has kept a careful eye on the development of the region, constantly drawing the fight away from it and protecting its citizens when attacks do happen in the region. Ever since the disappearance of Magneto, however, the Brotherhood has setup shop permanently underneath One-Eyed Joe, many of the members' favorite junk food stop. Joe, the owner, is more than happy at having the famous Brotherhood close by, and the people of the neighborhood mostly see the team as heroes.


xxxxxDestiny: Although technologically outmatched by the X-Men and most of its enemies, the Brotherhood of Mutants relies one a well-guarded secret to stay above water, and that secret is Destiny. The cryptic woman keeps a low profile easily enough, and is known around Mutant Town as an oracle-like figure, beloved by the community for taking care of orphans and abandoned mutant kids left in the neighborhood. She doesn't take part in the Brotherhood assaults and wars for her lack of field expertise and the deadly blow it would be to the organization to lose her. Members of the Brotherhood may always visit her daycare-style home to ask questions, but any glimpse into the future often requires translation from Mystique or Rogue. Some information, as expected, is for select ears only.

xxxxxCult of Personality: While Professor Charles Xavier was never a public mutant, he was loved by the X-Men. Magneto, on the other hand, was feared by humanity as a whole but seen as a mutant messiah, the sole defiant voice in a sea of fearful whimpers. He gave many something to strive towards, he told them to be brave and to be bold, to refuse a life groveling by the feet of Mankind. Intensely charismatic and corageous, Erik's actions assembled a cult around him, spearheaded by his chosen few in the Brotherhood. Other mutants would be willing, maybe craving, to heed a call for help in case the Brotherhood needed them. Not all are powerful, and many are extremely volatile, but if push comes to shove, the Brotherhood has mutant allies in many places.


xxxxxAvengers: The Avengers are the direct response of humanity in face of the appearance of Magneto. Although the origins of the Brotherhood's founder are still a mystery to the United States government, the threat posed by the mutant is loud and clear, and the sheer volume of letters Congress received after the rise of Magneto has given the Avengers ample budget and shows their popular support. Assembled from the best the homo sapiens has to offer, these elite superheroes' first mission is a simple one: unearthing the Brotherhood of Mutants and bring Magneto and his followers to justice.

xxxxxS.H.I.E.L.D.: Although the organization has known mutants would become an issue eventually, most of the top-end scientists at S.H.I.E.L.D. admit there was no time to correctly prepare for such a dramatic shift in the course of evolution. Still, S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the secret organizations in the world with the most impressive amount of assets and resources to wage the shadow war on mutants that it must. They are aware there are two clandestine groups of mutants acting in the United States, and that there are probably more, but their focus is on the one they believe to be the most dangerous.


xxxxxThe Brotherhood will take in any mutant that willing to fight, and maybe kill, for their species. They have no room for pacifists and two-way solutions. Mutantkind will not be subjugated and will take its place over humans, as the homo sapiens cannot be trusted with power.

xxxxxFounding Members: Magneto, Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Toad
xxxxxIC Leaders: Quicksilver & Scarlet_Witch.
xxxxxOOC Leaders: Same as above.

Why Join The Brotherhood?

xxxxx These are just a few of the more prominent reasons one might join:
xxxxx Fervor: You identify strongly with one of the driving themes of the Brotherhood in some way. You are passionate about the mutant rights cause; joining the X-Men, and sitting in their ivory tower Institute, would leave you feeling constantly like you weren't doing enough. Or, you lost everything when your mutation manifested, were persecuted by humans all your life, and want vengeance against homo sapiens. Or, you idolize Magneto as a messiah for mutantkind, and want desperately to be part of his chosen Brotherhood. The motivations here are endless!
xxxxx Protection: You are an obvious or displaced mutant, and cannot live in a society that shuns you. The Brotherhood commonly takes in mutants of this description who are also willing to fight, offering them life in Mutant Town and protection from the bigotry of homo sapiens. Those who are less predisposed to fight often help in support roles for the organization, which now concerns itself more with mutant relief efforts than it did under Magneto's regime.
xxxxx Pragmatism: You have seen the writing on the wall that the persecution of humankind will not end, and that words will not assuage them nor avert a coming war. You have joined the Brotherhood in order to ensure the first strike is mutantkind's, and not humanity's, and that you will not be caught alone without the support of a group when the crackdown happens.


xxxxxIn Magneto's day, the rules and boundaries of the organization swung solely on his will and decision. He managed every aspect of the group and every person in the group; the Brotherhood was essentially his personal army, to be wielded as a sword against the dominance of homo sapiens.
xxxxxWith his disappearance, his children have taken the helm, and though they strive to maintain his vision and the spirit of what their father built, they have turned the Brotherhood towards becoming a more progressive, self-reliant, and self-sufficient group: one governed by shared loyalty, shared experience, and camaraderie rather than by the direct and pitiless action of Magneto's iron fist.
xxxxxIn this respect, there are a few expectations held of those in the Brotherhood:
xxxxxLoyalty. Actions that betray or endanger the organization as a whole are not tolerated.
xxxxxDiscretion. Due to the more open membership of the Brotherhood, disagreements and fights between members are somewhat more common than at the Institute. Members are expected to have the maturity to solve their own squabbles out of eyeshot of the rest of the Brotherhood, and certainly out of eyeshot of the public, with escalation only in the rare cases where the problem becomes an issue for the wider organization.
xxxxxRestraint. Noting back to the Theme files, not even Magneto was fully evil as a person. While the Brotherhood is known for ruthlessness and a willingness to kill in the achievement of their goals, especial acts of unnecessary homicide or savagery are frowned on as both extraneous, and prone to drawing unwanted heat down upon a highly-wanted terrorist organization.

Team Roles

xxxxxCopy/Paste the Team Role template at the bottom of your wiki.

{{Team Role
| visible = false
| name = Your wiki title
| role = What do you think your character brings to the team, what kind of thing you would like others to come to you for, what kind of role do you think you fit during scenes (melee fighter, psychic support, grumpy person, etc).

Name Role
Quicksilver General: Pietro is team leader. Go to him for anything. In particular, go to him if you have an idea for something you want to do, so he can get you set up and direct other people to you to get involved. He may be talked to about most issues pertaining to the Brotherhood, or even your personal character issues, though if you start to need a hug you will be sent to Wanda.
Missions: In actual scenes, Pietro is typically leading unless someone else was previously assigned to do so. Given his speed, he can also fill in a variety of other roles as necessary to keep the scene moving, among them advance scouting, defending teammates, or providing rapid extraction.
Marrow Missions - Marrow is a, not her words, badass bone ninja, and typically excels at missions that put her on the front lines thanks to her incredibly durable skeleton and her healing factor. Despite her abrasive personality, she's also very adept in stealth roles, scouting missions, and the occasional assassination when necessary. Marrow is also one of the only people left alive who can navigate the vast, labyrinthine Morlock Tunnels beneath New York that connects to many points throughout New York state, New Jersey, and Connecticut, serving as an excellent means of secret travel and a place to hide out for Brotherhood members when in need.
Boom-Boom Missions: Tabitha has been in the front lines of Brotherhood operations for four years and counting and is the outfit's resident demolitions expert. Pietro often sends new blood to her for demolitions training. Her criminal network has expanded after several years of being a known entity in New York City's underground, including assets maintained by the Fallen Angels in their home base in Los Angeles, which has been handy for intelligence gathering efforts. She also has some experience being a solo operative, though considering her bombastic nature, she is probably not the best choice for very subtle, protracted infiltration missions.
Firestar An unlikely Brotherhood member, Angelica wound up with the Brotherhood after they saved her life from a lynch mob. She had stuck with them since, learning to use her powers, and helping the cause. She has a heart of gold, chooses to see the best in everyone, which brought about her befriending Pyro, a very unlikely feat. She is a flyer, and her microwave powers are tremendous for long range fighting. She can easily be called upon to bring the heat, figuratively and literally. If you have a personal problem, she'll try to help. If you need support on a mission, she'll tag along. Her cat, Pumpkin is keeping the Bunker rat free. She is notably awed by and admires Domino.
Scarlet Witch Due to the variable nature of her power, Wanda's ability is a catch-all, and in a team, she generally adapts to cover whatever role may be absent, shifting away when someone of better finesse or control can come in. Reality manipulation allows her to do most things dependent upon her skill and state of mind, and she can provide healing to team members as well as psychic support. While not traditionally a creature of magic, she can sense and affect same, and is the Brotherhood's leading go-to for occult matters. Wanda is also an unofficial counsellor to her comrades, able to sense moods easier than most, and if one chooses to get past her eery reputation, has a patient ear to listen.
Frenzy Frenzy's main role is strong arm. She can take a lot of damage and hit a lot of things. She's also an ex-mercenary with para-military training so she's also good at dealing with the newer recruits and getting them up to Brotherhood snuff. She's also extremely loyal to the vision of Magneto and the Twins - if you'd like to roll your character into the cult-like loyalty then Frenzy is also good for passing that on.
Neutron Lillian is a an odd brick, a melee fighter that is still just learning to fight. She can lift a car, take a large amount of punishment and is a pretty good battering ram. She's only had her powers since the Life Seed came to M-Town, but she's already dedicated to the cause and with Frenzy's guidance has quickly subscribed to a fanaticism toward Pietro, Wanda, and the Brotherhood as a whole.
Multiple Man None
Wildchild None
Prodigy None
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Active Members

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