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xxxxxCheck the Guidelines before starting!

1) Pitch

xxxxxWhat do you think of this character, what are your plans for them, what do you plan to explore during play? Are you changing them in some way? How? Do you plan on magnifying one of their issues and make them the focal point of your roleplay? The more we feel you know the character, and that your idea for them is crystal clear, the more likely we are to approve your +pitch.

xxxxxExample I: I picked Mystique because I don't think many places do her justice. In the comic books she is usually used as a completely amoral character with very little character development, and one of the things that always stuck to me about that character is that Mystique could just get the fuck out. She could shapeshift and pretend not to be a mutant, lead a normal life, but she doesn't. So here is my idea for Mystique: all the craziness from the past, down to her relationship with Viktor, I am going to peg on a young person who can get away with almost anything. As she grew older, and after Nightcrawler, those motherly instincts kicked in, Mystique started to realize she was developing worry for other, younger mutants. She is still struggling with this truth, and hasn't admitted that joining the Brotherhood was the result of a rapidly growing sense of motherhood for other mutants. She doesn't trust Magneto, as she doesn't trust anyone, but she believes him to be the best shot of a better future, and thankfully, she knows how to murder and sabotage the fuck out of things. Basically, I am going to use the Logan movie for inspiration and go from there.

xxxxxExample II: I want to play Robert "Glob" Herman! I know he is not the go-to mutant but I think Glob has a lot of potential, and his powers make for the quintessential mutant, in that there is no way around the fact he is some freak of nature that can't pass for anything resembling human. His nuts are kinda floating there. So I think RPing a young man in that state would be amazing fodder for roleplay! I would keep him shy and somewhat of an introvert with a lot of unresolved issues that deem from his frustration of not being able to interact, and sometimes he can unleash that frustration on his enemies. He is a gamer at heart, and if I can I will be running IC tabletop games every other week with him as a GM. I would like to change his powers as bit, though, and instead of just being made of living wax, I would explore a lot of body horror with him, using weird stuff from the human body and bring it to comic book levels as he learns to master himself, like giving Glob the ability to vomit 'super stomach acid' and stuff like that. As for recruitment he would have watched the fight with Apocalypse in Washington from Youtube and started a mini-rampage at a local Gamestop to draw the X-Men's attention. Lemme Glob plz!

2) Biography

xxxxxBiography is pretty straightforward. It is filling up the +finger as instructed in the Biography Room and then descing your character.

3) Sheet

xxxxxIMPORTANT: The +sheet is a storytelling tool with two uses. First one is to provide vague comparisons between characters so we are not all completely in the dark. The second is, for the players who want it, to allow them to use a dice system. If all players in the scene want to use it, or the storyteller warned upfront they would be using it, go for it. This is meant to enhance the play for those who want it, but it is no excuse to forget this is a cooperative storytelling medium. Don't forget, staff giveth, staff taketh away. Let's all be excellent with each other and give everyone a chance to shine!


xxxxxAttributes are your characters' baseline talents. The benchmarks assume the character at their natural state, which means Quicksilver's Dexterity isn't scored at its peak, but when he is chilling. Below are some guidelines that, obviously, won't define all mutants in existence.

1-2 Normal people who can perform daily tasks with that Attribute have it at this level.
3-10 Starting with what is the trained, professional score for an Attribute (3-4) and ending with the absolute human peak (9-10), most mutants exist in the higher end of this bracket, but characters like Cyclops and Avalanche, who are not altered in any way by their powers in body or mind, are still confined to it.
11-18 The most common reason for Attributes from 11 to 18 are mutant gifts. Mutants like Beast, Colossus and Sabretooth develop physically far beyond what humans do, while Emma Frost and Professor X have more powerful brains than most humans.
19-24 Demigods, the beings of legend and myth. Beings in this bracket are touched by the divine, either thanks to their genes, cosmic forces, or unholy gods of destruction. Beings with Attributes in this bracket include Apocalypse, an immensely powerful mutant and servant of the Celestials, and the likes of Onslaught and Holocaust.
25-30+ Gods and forces of the cosmos. The Phoenix Force, the Watchers, Celestials and so forth. Beyond reason.


xxxxxSkills are learned in college, in the streets, anywhere, and throughout one's life people are bound to pick up dozens of them along the way. The Skills at the right are just suggestions for players to give their characters, but are not, by any means, the only ones. Feel free to put any Skills you want on your character, from Gaming to Fashion Sense. Below are offered the benchmarks for Skills:

1 to 3: Amateurish
4 to 6: Experienced
7 to 9: Professional
10 to 12: Best on Earth

Acrobatics Acting Dancing Drive
Escapology Firearms Intimidation Investigation
Martial Arts Medicine Occult Painting
Persuasion Pickpocketing Piloting Science
Singing Stealth Tactics Weaponry


xxxxxIMPORTANT: Remember that the X-Men were founded in 2006, and that most characters are very young. That means not only they will generally be weaker than their comic book counterparts, but that they won't have experimented with their powers TOO much. You can grow and learn new things in-game as well, so relax and enjoy the ride! Moreover, when in doubt, +sheet other characters and assume ANY values at 19 are too high. We are looking for a game that is less 'punches a hole in the fabric of space and time' and more 'Storm got shot and needs to be taken to the hospital'.

xxxxxYour powers are what define you as a mutant, and to many mutants their powers are part of their very identities, for better or worse. When distributing dots, keep in mind that most grown-up mutants in the X-Men or the Brotherhood will have their main powers at the range of 8~16, at best, with very rare exceptions going further than that. When approving your character staff will be using those scores as guidelines. These scores replace your Attributes when you are trying to actively use them in some actions, like Colossus changing into his organic steel form using his Power score instead of his natural Strength and Body.

1-2 Weak power or oddity. This is more of a trick than anything useful.
3-10 These powers start to affect humans in dramatic ways. A telepath will reliably take over someone's mind, while a sharp claw will consistently kill a normal person. Most mutants activate their X-Gene to this range, but very few develop beyond it. Mutants in the Brotherhood and the X-Men often have a lot of practice and/or training, however, and many of them are already surpassing this stage.
11-18 This power level indicates training and mastery over one's powers, and rare is the mutant who has even one manifestation of their powers at the max levels of this range. For that it takes a highly focus powerset (like Colossus' amazing organic steel form) or intensive, and maybe unethical, training (like Emma Frost's Hellfire-sponsored mastery of telepathy). Sci-fi shenanigans also belong at this level.
19-24 Incredible powers that take a lot of work to overwhelm and require a team effort to overcome.

4) Background

xxxxxWe're not interested in pages upon pages, or even really a single page, of background for Feature Characters. If you're okay with your character's general 'Earth 616' origins/etc that we all know or can look up relatively easy, you're pretty much good to go, and we just ask that you explain where they are currently in our world and how they got there. Please reference our Timeline for help with this!

xxxxxIf you want to stray from the more common history in small ways, we ask that you just detail the differences, and then explain how your character got to where they currently are in our world. For major shifts in history, please describe your version as succinctly as possible and keep in mind that staff is interested in keeping things close to our vision of the mutant struggle, so some stories will be denied.

5) Done

xxxxxJust hit +apply!