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Birth of the Cosmos

xxxxxThe survivor of a dead universe arrives as the universe is born. This being will be known as Galactus. An inordinate amount of time would pass until the first species would flourish to become what are the modern Watchers, a race that has sworn never to involve itself with the dealings of others, destined to remember all that they would survive.

xxxxxAlthough the Kree and the Skrulls would form empires and wage war against each other for millions of years, it were the enigmatic Celestials who would first take notice of Earth. Their arrival would mark the birth of mankind as the Celestials "seeded" the planet with their technology and gifted humans with the latent potential for god-like power.

Rise of Humanity

xxxxxGreat human civilizations arose on Earth, later to be known as Atlantis and Valusia, only to be destroyed by the Great Cataclysm. After the Cataclysm there was a new age of warriors and wizards on the surface, in which a sword-wielding barbarian rose to become the greatest monarch of his time. In the sunken remnants of Atlantis the water-breathing ancestors of today's Atlanteans would settle. A mutant was born at this time, alone in the world, and she was named Selene by her tribe.

xxxxxIt was a time of gods and monsters, and although these godly beings would show their faces and mark history as myths and legends, their reigns would be brief, or their attention would turn elsewhere. Humanity was allowed to forget the superhuman lived amongst them.

Dawn of the Superhero

xxxxxCaptain America is born from the efforts of the United States most brilliant minds to fight the war overseas, where a sinister breed of evil was being made in Nazi laboratories. The war would stir the waters enough to bring Atlantis into the fight, but the most shocking event of that time wouldn't be Captain America's valiant sacrifice to stop the Red Skull, but the mushroom clouds of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In a matter of years the high command of the SHIELD would be coining the term 'Children of the Atom' to refer to the strain of humanity most affected by that event.

xxxxxRare others, knowing fully well what these individuals meant, made decisions of their own. Project Rebirth, responsible for Captain America's creation, is renamed Weapon I.

xxxxxOver the course of the next years the world would see a shift of paradigms. Although it started slowly and subtly, suddenly the supermen had arrived. A family is shot in space only to be granted incredible abilities when struck by a solar flare. Formidable, then-hidden nations in Africa reveal themselves to the world and empires of sorceror-kings rise in the heart of the European Balkans. Canada starts its own superhuman program, and young children shoot lasers from their eyes in Alaska.

xxxxxBut for every superhuman wonder, there are dozens of young mutants. For every Captain America, a Magneto, and humanity is scared.

Modern History

xxxxxTo learn more about the history of the X-Men in the game, go to Timeline


xxxxxSave for a handful of mutants in the past, the species is an advent of the Atomic Age, a new phenomenon that has puzzled scientists around the globe. The majority of mutants develop these abilities upon puberty, and some scientists fear what hatemongers around the globe already spout: Mutantkind may very well replace humans very soon.

xxxxxMutants tend to band together not only because humans around them tend to fear them, but because only another mutant can really understand what is it to be a mutant, the temptations and fears, the realization you are not like any of your former peers. Many mutants first come in contact with their powers in a traumatic fashion that splits them from former family and friends, forcing them to find their way in an unfriendly world early.

The "Mutant Issue"

xxxxxMutantkind is a tricky subject to tackle to most baseline humans. Mutants are dangerous, to themselves and to others, but they are citizens of their countries and, more importantly, human beings. How to treat them humanely in face of the threat Mutantkind poses to the homo sapiens?

xxxxxThe ignorant bigots fearmonger about the very real cases of mutants abusing their powers or losing control near (comparatively) defenseless humans. Most humanity would rather work with mutants than against them, however, or at least, they did, up until recent developments in the field of genetics. More and more scientists agree that within four generations mutants will breed the homo sapiens out.

xxxxxThe presence of mutants like Magneto and Apocalypse only adds oil to the fire in regards of where humans might side when it comes to the "Mutant Issue". Even the kindest humans agree, to a point, with registering mutants, while the more extreme proponents of human supremacy suggest all-out war while it is still possible.


xxxxxAccording to the Mutant Response Department and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s intel there are two mutant terrorist cells in the USA: the Acolytes and the X-Men. The Acolytes are led by Exodus and it is regarded as outright dangerous. The X-Men are a stranger, more nuanced group, a threat thanks to their tactics, tech and fearsome powers.

xxxxxOther mutant teams are: Acolytes, Hellfire Club, Marauders and Horsemen of Apocalypse.


xxxxxAs with any population that has ever existed, mutants have developed, by some mean or others, drugs that appeal to their particular tastes. The most famous are Toad Juice and MGH, with a third, named Kick, slowly growing in popularity inside Mutant Town. Toad Juice is sold in thin sheets of paper that one has only but lick to feel the powerful psychotropic agents take effect, giving what users describe as an unbelievable high and sensorial enhancement. MGH, the Mutant Growth Hormone, is popular among the few humans who know about it, can afford it, and are willing to face the side-effects. The MGH gives normal humans mutant powers for a while, and it is known to be highly addictive. Hypercortisone D, better known by its street name Kick, is a highly addictive aerosol used by metahuman individuals to attain boost in superhuman/mutant powers and a mental high. It makes one feel "angelic and violently insane for five hours," and it has become more and more prevalent in mutant communities.


xxxxxMutant fashion was, for the longest time, considered to be skintight suits and flamboyant colors, but it was only thanks to an enterprising young mutant called Jumbo Carnation that fashion took its next step forward. Opening the X-Factory, the young man started to craft clothes designed specifically for the mutant body, and not only for the sapiens-seeming types. Four-legged pants and adaptable coats became the new fad, and rumors abound that Jumbo is going to co-judge RuPaul's Drag Race soon.


xxxxxHumans tend to be tribal, but they are nothing like mutants in that regard. Mutants only gather under banners of philosophy, as flimsy as they are, and even the most violent gangs protect their communities against outside predation and gather to discuss purpose, race and future. They often dress in ways humans might think is flamboyant and many refuse their sapiens names, instead calling themselves by codenames, as their heroes in the Brotherhood and X-Men. Usually seeing themselves as cells in a larger army, in a greater war, their names usually denote subservience to the two famous groups, or individuals in them. Mutant Town is a known hotbed for mutant gangs, but as an unfortunate side-effect of ideological clashes, mutant gangs are known to engage in violence not for territory or goods, but over ideas. Many human specialists point to this phenomena to prove mutantkind is inherently violent and predatory.


xxxxxMutants are not mainstream so most of their artistic production is counterculture, a lot of it meant to be offensive against the established powers or bizarre to allude to their exotic bodies and powers and make their strangeness a badge of honor. In Mutant Town, the cradle of much of these new bands, a mutant can find bands such as Juggernaut and Sentinel Bait playing regularly, while Dazzler, although having experienced a crashing of her career years back, has now resurged as "The Mutant Lady Gaga", with her army of Little Freaks. Most humans either don't understand mutant songs or are outright not bodily equipped to hear the right frequencies and pitch.