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Current Plots

xxxxxCurrent Plots are the ongoing storylines of Mutant Genesis. To add a plot here add [[Category: Active Plots]] in the plot page.

Pinocchio's Tale
Faction: Both
Primary GM(s): Mercury
Description: A strange Sentinel is more than what it seems.
Player Contacts: Marrow and X-23
Extra Info: Pinocchio's Tale

Underground Mutant Railroad
Faction: Both aligned/unaligned mutants and others
Primary GM(s): Nightcrawler, Domino
Description: How to save mutants when Xers can't be in all places? Create a path for them to help save themselves!
Player Contacts: Nightcrawler and Domino
Extra Info: Underground Mutant Railroad

Concluded Plots

xxxxxConcluded Plots have finished their arc. To add a plot here add [[Category: Concluded Plots]] in the plot page.

Mortal Remains
Faction: Both
Description: In a world without Professor X and Magneto, and besieged from all sides by vicious enemies, the Brotherhood and the X-Men need to rapidly adapt or be consumed by the void left by their missing mentors.
Extra Info: Mortal Remains

The Life Seed
Faction: Brotherhood
Description: A celestial artifact imprisoned in the heart of M-Town threatens to change the world forever if it can't be dealt with in time.
Extra Info: The Life Seed