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xxxxxNew York City, USA: New York is the melting pot of Western civilization and where the culture wars are fought over the destiny of mutantkind. While the newly assembled Avengers have their own tower looming along the tallest skyscrapers, superheroes fight in the streets of Hell's Kitchen and the Mutant Town ghetto continues to grow every month, all the while it houses the mutants of the Brotherhood, who have taken the neighborhood under their wing, along with all the homo superior in it.

xxxxxSalem, USA: Life moves just a little slower in the city of Salem, where smiling drivers stop their cars so pedestrians can cross the street and the townsfolk can take a step back and relax in the Grindstone while sipping a cup of fresh coffee. Things are usually quiet in Salem, and the people are welcoming and friendly, even when the strange folk of the Xavier Institute come to town for a night at Auger Inn or a matinee at the Majetic.

xxxxxHammer Bay, Genosha: Genosha is one of the world's most prosperous nations, and one of the most insular ones. Seen as a bastion of freedom and technological enterprise, the budding nation advertises its prosperity for all to see. Unlike the United States, Genosha doesn't seem to have a mutant problem, or many mutants at all, and when asked about it Genoshans respond their mutants know to keep their condition to themselves. Hammer Bay, its capital, is said to be New York City's more beautiful, and modern, sister.

xxxxxDoomstadt, Latveria: The luxury taken for granted in the West has no place at the Latverian table, as all that is needed in life is provided by the Great Leader that cares for them from Castle Doom. A grim bunch, Latverians are said to be humorless folk but shockingly advanced and focused on the worship of science and their provider, the prodigal son so horribly wronged by the American scum. Unlike other places in the world, mutants are welcomed in Doomstadt, provided they accept the Dear Leader's guidance.

xxxxxLimbo, Hell: Limbo is sometimes referred to as "Otherplace" and it is a pocket dimension where the laws of nature are mainly magic. Its appearance is that of a solid land where gravity still has a hold but the sky suffers from an absence of stars. Those that dwell within its boundaries are a vast variety of demons of all shapes and sizes who all have some sort of magical skill. Time is peculiar in this dimension as the present is non-existent and can only be stated to be so by an individual.

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