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xxxxxThe world still remembers the Battle of Washington when dozens were killed, hundreds injured, and the Avengers were soundly defeated by the Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen. In the end, Mankind watched the X-Men openly take the field for the first time. In millions of homes there were images of Cyclops and Quicksilver, and all stood in silent awe.

xxxxxIn Mutant Genesis MUX mutants are a new development in a world that barely knows their species but already fears it. The disciples of Magneto and believe humanity will draw first blood, while the X-Men believe that homo superior and sapiens can live together as brothers.

xxxxxMission Statement: At Mutant Genesis MUX we want to write stories. Arcs will be provided by staff and players, and we want the decisions players make will heavily impact the setting. If the Scarlet Witch fails to stop Nitro from suicide bombing Mutant Town, we will be redescing that area of the grid. If Rogue drains Mr. Sinister's psyche, she will be changed by the experience. What you do matters in Mutant Genesis.

Turbulent Times

xxxxxStaff here at Mutant Genesis is trying to provide and nurture a specific environment. We have chosen to focus specifically on the struggles of the mutant-kind as they try to find or make their place in the world. The world at large is not comfortable with mutants. Obvious mutants lead very hard lives and likely have difficulty even managing to provide for themselves. Parents who find out their children are mutants are generally horrified.

xxxxxThe world isn't always dark and awful, but we do wish to focus on the struggle of Mutantkind and don't want to see players constantly behaving ICly or running stories that make light of that struggle. If it becomes necessary, staff will talk to anyone who seems to be straying too far away from the atmosphere we believe is important for this setting.