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Hydro-Man Logo.png
FIRST APPEARANCE: Mortal Remains I: The Werewolf of Mutant Town
SPECIES: Metahuman
ALIGNMENT: Friends of Humanity
POWERS: Hydrokinesis
DESCRIPTION: Morris Bench was a Friend of Humanity chapter leader with a sadistic streak. While attacking a young boy Morris got scarred by the mutant's suddenly-active X-Gene. While hunting Manny he came in contact with the Brotherhood when he was humiliated by Psylocke, Quicksilver and X-23. Spiralling out of control, Morris would eventually come to work drunk and fall into an experimental water reactor that would turn him into something godly.
MODOK Logo.png
FIRST APPEARANCE: A Christmas Miracle
ALIGNMENT: Sentinels, formely S.H.I.E.L.D.
POWERS: Extreme intellect, telepathy, powerseat, plasma casters, telekinesis
DESCRIPTION: The serum George Tarleton was shot with by the Weapon Plus turned him into the world's greatest mind and a crippled atrocity. Stuck in a chair, the Third Species fanatic was put to use by S.H.I.E.L.D. as head of their intel gathering on mutants, but something wormed its way into Tarleton's head. Serving the Mastermold, Tarleton tried to give him full control of the Sentinel armada, but was stopped by the X-Men and their demonic servants.
Ozymandias Logo.png
FIRST APPEARANCE: AoA: And His Name Was Famine
SPECIES: Celestial-infused Homo sapiens
ALIGNMENT: Clan Akkaba
POWERS: Granite body, precognition, stone animation, levitation and immortality
DESCRIPTION: Ozymandias once thought himself to be above the masses of Egypt, a god-blooded warrior destined to see the vision of Rama-Tut's made real. A slave would change Ozymandias' life, make him eternal to witness the crumbling of his own empire and chronicle the rise of En Sabah Nur, Earth's last emperor. Ever since Ozymandias has guided Clan Akkaba, cursed with unending life, moving the pieces carefully to usher in the Age of Apocalypse.
Pinocchio Logo.png
SPECIES: Sentinel
POWERS: Armor plating, density manipulation, flight, mutant detection, plasma beams
DESCRIPTION: A mysterious Sentinel found in Mutant Town, being protected by others of its kind. Apparently unwilling to kill mutants or engage in much violence at all, Pinocchio saved Pyro from falling debris and was spared by Marrow and X-23 before running into the Morlock Tunnels. X-23 gave him the name and Marrow knows where he is.

Dead NPCs

Famine Logo.png
FIRST APPEARANCE: AoA: And His Name Was Famine
SPECIES: Celestial-infused Homo superior
ALIGNMENT: Brotherhood, formerly Clan Akkaba
POWERS: Gravity manipulation, invulnerability, shapeshifting and superhuman strength
DESCRIPTION: After the Brotherhood broke in the wake of Magneto's disappearance Fred Dukes was a lost and alone in a world that hated him. Unable to hide, suddenly Blob was not a feared terrorist anymore, all the power of his mutation unable to shield him from scorn and mockery. Wandering, he endured, and in surviving, he drew the eyes of Clan Akkaba. After being rescued by his former family in the Brotherhood, Frederick swallowed the Life Seed before it could sprout, saving Mutant Town in one last heroic act.
Sublime Logo.png
FIRST APPEARANCE: Mortal Remains III: A Sublime Invitation
SPECIES: Sublime
ALIGNMENT: Sublime, Third Species
POWERS: Possession, nigh immortality
DESCRIPTION: Sublime is an ancient organism and has existed within the homo sapiens since the dawn of mankind. Mutants threaten this balance, presenting Sublime with a future without humans, a world where it cannot survive. Unwilling to face annihilation, Sublime has been predating the budding species ever since, using humans as hosts and pawns in its carefully constructed death trap for mutantkind. Met his demise in The World, fighting the X-Men, as White Queen turned the Thousand-in-One against him after Weapon XIII's betrayal.