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Akkaba Clan

xxxxxStatus: The Akkaba is a secret cabal of cultists descended from ancient Egypt. Very few characters would know of it, and most all of them are from alternate timelines where the Akkaba have successfully turned the world into a hellscape of racial cleansings and mutant supremacy. Infiltrated on all levels of power, the Akkaba are not as numerous, but they are powerful and their single-minded goal is to bring about the Age of Apocalypse.

xxxxxDescription: The name Akkaba is rooted in Ancient Egypt as a superstitious tribe who gave birth to a monster. The whole clan would meet its demise at the arrival of Baal and his nomads and the only survivor was the creature: En Sabah Nur. As the child would grow to become a god, the Akkaba grew to worship the First One. Over time the sands drown their village, which became a subterranean mausoleum for all its descendants, but the blood of Akkaba spread as did its influence. In the modern world, many influential figures bear its sigil and pray fervently for the lifting of the veil, when the weak will fall and the strong will rise. The eyes and ears of En Sabah Nur, they keep tabs on promising mutants with a mixture of sorcery, influence and Celestial tech. To many mutants, although they are unaware of the clan itself, Apocalypse is a god to be worshipped as well, making the Akkaba a sort of mutant cult in many cities around the globe.



xxxxxStatus: After the first fight with Apocalypse in Washington, the Avengers now have all the field experience they needed when facing mutant opposition. Although most are not aware of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s agenda, they still pose the biggest threat to the Brotherhood and the X-Men. Covertly, there are talks of an Avenger Academy, a place where young humans with supernatural powers would be rounded to be educated and, hopefully, enlisted in the organization in the near future.

xxxxxDescription: The Avengers are an elite group of superhumans created when the President of the United States approved a new defense budget in 2006 to combat the growing risk of the U.S. being attacked by "supervillains". Officially that meant monarchs like Victor Von Doom, but in practice the message was clear: humanity needed its own heroes to fight the growing mutant threat, represented, above all, by Magneto and his Brotherhood.

xxxxxThe first members were Hank Pym (Giant-Man), his wife Janet (Wasp), and Tony Stark (Iron Man). Bruce Banner was made the new science director, attempting to duplicate the super soldier serum. Finding the body of Captain America, they examined it hoping to at least gain a sample of the serum; instead, Steve Rogers was revived. They also found a strange man claiming to be the Norse thunder god.


Friends of Humanity

xxxxxStatus: The Friends of Humanity are maybe the most dangerous threat to Mutantkind in the world today. Completely legitimate, at least in legal terms, the Friends of Humanity claim their goal isn't human supremacy, but the preserving of human values and the species as a whole in the face of a rise of Mutantkind. They are active in all North American states and have managed to elect many politicians that run on "pro-human" platforms. They are some of the greatest backers of the Sentinel Program, Avengers and lobby for Mutant Registration.

xxxxxDescription: The Friends are a group of political activists founded by Graydon Creed that has in its mission statement to keep America human. Whether by inflamed rhetoric or polemic protests, the Friends have earned themselves a spot on the cable news cycle as humanists, acting whenever there is a possibility of "mutant rights" encroaching on actual, human rights. Although their social media presence is massive, their main advantage is the ability to push lawmakers into reconsidering policy like the Mutant Registration Act. Groups inspired by or splintered from the Friends include the survivalist Humanity's Last Stand and the fundamentalist Church of Humanity.


Hellfire Club

xxxxxStatus: The Hellfire Club began in England as a social club for the British social elite and wealthy in the 1760's as a way to provide its members with pleasures that often defied the moral standards of the time and to allow members to consolidate their influence over British economic and political matters. The purpose of the Hellfire Club is to obtain and exert power through politics and economic influence instead of outward conquest and domination.

xxxxxDescription: Originally the Council of the Chosen was composed of humans but was infiltrated by super-powered mutants after a botched backing of Steven Lang's mutant-hunting Sentinels. After his death in 2009, the mutants Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost slaughtered the Council of the Chosen. Under their guidance, the Hellfire Club first came to the attention of the X-Men when Mastermind kidnapped and took over the mind of Dark Phoenix. Wolverine inflicted nearly lethal injuries on several of its mercenaries and Donald Pierce, but the organization continued its activities even after being thwarted by the X-Men, even if it had to lay low for a while.



xxxxxStatus: The Marauders are akin to mutant urban legend, a group of cruel and powerful mutants who show up for no apparent reason to raid laboratories, commit massacres and assassinate/kidnap oddly specific targets. Characters involved with the underworld know them to be tied to the mysterious man known as Sinister, although the exact relationship between them is hard to understand.

xxxxxDescription: The Marauders are a group of super-powered mercenaries working on behalf of the secretive entity known as Sinister. Very little is known about their intentions, as that would be knowing their master's, but all Marauders seem willing to anything to curry favor from their boss. They are most well-known for massacring the Morlocks, but have done a number of attacks in the past, including when kidnapping the young Nathan from Madelyne Pryor. The Marauders all seem to be immortal, but in reality they are often re-cloned by Sinister after falling in battle. Many of the original Marauders might be long-dead, or in hiding.



xxxxxStatus: Secret.
xxxxxOscorp (NYSE: OZ) is an American multinational corporation. It is headquartered in Oscorp Tower in Manhattan, New York City. Formerly known as Osborn Industries, Oscorp's President and CEO is billionaire industrialist Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn studied chemistry and electrical engineering in college. He also took a number of courses in business administration. Norman Osborn's teacher Professor Mendel Stromm formed the business partnership.

xxxxxOscorp specialized in genome research and biological warfare, and although there have been human rights scandals pertaining the company, and more than a few settled sexual harassment claims, Oscorp thrives in the need the government, and S.H.I.E.L.D., have in its results. The mysterious dr. Windsor is the chief of Special Projects, which spawned RHINO and SINISTER SIX, while doctors Stromm and Smythe lead their own researchers in the robotics departments. Dr. Smythe has been missing since the Brotherhood invasion of Oscorp in Mortal Remains IV: Raid at Oscorp.



xxxxxStatus: The Sentinels are very much active, and ever-evolving, having now reached the Mark III. Contracted by the USA government, Obadiah Stane oversees the construction of these new Sentinels at an undisclosed location.

xxxxxDescription: The Sentinel Program is the greatest competitor of the Avengers in terms of government budget as the Department of Defense is still unsure of which is humanity's best chance. Both were bested in their first fielding, but the Sentinels have the advantages flesh and blood, unique heroes lack.

xxxxxThe fielding of Sentinels occurred in 2008, a hasty process authorized by the then-compromised Steven Lang. After his hospitalization, the Sentinel Program found a second wind within the Stark Industries as a top secret project. Using technology unlike anything seen before the Mark II generation have recently made their debut in Central Park, during a Dazzler concert in Night of the Sentinels: Part I and Night of the Sentinels: Part II. Although they were defeated, it took the effort of multiple, well-trained mutants to down a single Mark II, marking them as a success in the eyes of many interested parties.



xxxxxStatus: The TransSpecies Movement was once powerful but ever since the exposing of John Sublime's organ trafficking mega operation it has become a fringe group reviled by mutants and humans alike. Mentioning the Third Species book isn't much different than bringing up Mein Kampf in conversation. An unfortunate side-effect of their new status is that the U-Men, their military arm, have become more cunning and capable at avoiding persecution and detection.

xxxxxDescription: The TransSpecies Movement belies the emergence of Mutantkind as the dominant species on Earth is inevitable but that humans need not be left behind, that they can adapt to a changing, unclean world. This adaptation means hunting mutants and using their bodies as 'parts' for the strange grafting processes of the U-Men. Weird and elitist, given the expensive suits of armor donned by its high-end members to avoid contact with a world that isn't ready for their pure bodies, the TransSpecies has gone under and hides in the dark, still out there, somewhere, but having fallen the lofty heights it once reached.


xxxxxThe Reavers are a band of crippled mercenaries that once worked for the Hellfire Club, but in a fight with the Brotherhood and the X-Men got horribly maimed. Following Donald Pierce, they have become cyborgs dedicated to the destruction of mutants, and a number of them especially want to take revenge on one particular X-Man, Wolverine.


xxxxxS.H.I.E.L.D. was founded by Colonel Nicholas Fury during the later years of the Cold War before eventually expanding into a global multi-national organization with thousands of agents worldwide in response to an increase in the global mutant population. The organization was first led by General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross as its director and was controlled entirely by the United States. During the Gulf War, the Weapon X Project, headed by Colonel John Sublime, was sanctioned by S.H.I.E.L.D.

xxxxxThe organization would start the Avengers Initiative early 2006 with the appearance of the mutant Magneto and the reveal of what he could do. Although the agency worked closely with Department K in Canada, would not use mutants in any fashion for its own interests after the failed Weapon X program.

Weapon Plus Program

xxxxxWeapon Plus Program's origins dated back to 1945, when a civilian adviser to the U.S. Army discovered Dr. Nathaniel Essex's hidden laboratory under a liberated concentration camp. Funded by the U.S. Government, this would create the Weapon Plus, a Program devoted to create super-soldiers based on U.S. Army's Project Rebirth, which birthed the hero Captain America, retroactively considered to be Weapon I. Each subsequent phase of the program would test on a different sort of subject until came Weapon X, which decided to weaponize mutants.

xxxxxWeapon X Program produced a high number of agents, including the Team X and the Canadian Department K, before the subject named Experiment X escaped from the facility. After that accident, Weapon Plus' Director John Sublime ordered the program to be shut down, and continued his work in a place known only as The World. Since then John Sublime, a sentient bacteria fighting against mutants for vital space on Earth, has since lost its public face in the events of Mortal Remains III: A Sublime Invitation, and was finally destroyed in Mortal Remains IX: The One-Song.