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Name Plot Threads Hours
Escher (PRP) Unfinished Business: Escher has a few enemies. 3pm-3am pretty reliably, barring sleep stuff.
Magik Inferno: Illyana is sort of the de facto expert on the issues at hand in this matter, though even she doesn't know all the details.
General Magic-Fu: Having magic problems? Not really something many mutants are familiar with, but maybe Illyana can help.
The U-Men: Magik has been a part of most of the X-Men missions where they've had run-ins with the U-Men, and has even done some sorcerous research into this particular problem.
Random. A lot.
Sunspot M.I.A. - Sunspot was wrangled by Chamber to assist him with investigating a mutant trafficking ring operating in the American East Coast. Variable, as sometimes I work nights. Just ask!
Boom-Boom Mortal Remains - Boom-Boom's largely in charge of the efforts to combat the Sentinels for the Brotherhood side

KICK - Boom-Boom was recently wrangled by Black Tom to assist him with hunting down the suppliers and manufacturers of KICK.

Life Seed - Boom-Boom was affected by the Life Seed when it was first implanted and is presently assisting Brotherhood efforts in trying to discover ways to destroy it.

I'm usually around by 7 pm CST. Weekends are spotty.
Chamber Mortal Remains - Chamber has been involved in various X-Men operations related to this plotline and has encountered MODOK, Mr. Sinister, and Weapon XII.

KICK - Chamber was involved in the first response team when the drug made it in the school during its Snow Ball.

M.I.A. - Chamber was put in charge of investigating a mutant trafficking ring that is operating along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

I'm usually around by 7 pm CST. Weekends are spotty.
Phoenix Mortal Remains: Phoenix can bring you up to speed with what is going on with Sublime and the U-Men, as she has been kept in the loop and has collected information on Sublime in the Cerebro.

Phoenix Force: Goes without saying! She can give you some info, but for the complete picture, pages and OOC are better.
X-Men History: Jean can fill you out on the history of the X-Men, and what has come to pass ingame.

12PM to 12AM (Most Days)
M Mortal Remains: She has some information about Harvest Farms and Dr. Sublime! She's pursuing leads related to Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister.

MIA: She knows a little something about the possible existence of a mutant trafficking operation.

Weapon XII: She was there when it was found. Related: Sam Guthrie's mindjacking experience.

Reliably from 3pm to 3am CST. May vary depending on sleep things.
Colossus None Yet: Still getting into the swing of things. Reliably from 9pm to Midnight CST. Occasionally other times.
Mercury Pinocchio's Tale (OOC): Mercury doesn't know squat about Pinocchio ICly, but if you want to ask questions about the plot, page me! 12PM to 12AM (Most Days)
Marrow Pinocchio's Tale - Though she's kept it pretty close to the chest, Marrow was there when the strange sentinel was discovered and may or may not know where it is and how to get in contact with it. Maybe. Possibly.

Morlocks - As one of the few surviving Morlocks after the Massacre and other mysterious happenings, Marrow is a go-to for any Morlock-related shenanigans, including reaping cold, bloody vengeance! Hurray!

A little variable, but usually late afternoons to evenings EST!
Domino Project Armageddon: The ghost of her past, the Project is reportedly alive and well and working on some nasty new surprises to counter the growing mutant threat. One such concern is of a mechanized weapon code-named 'Prowler'.

Mercenary Work: She's been fairly active in the merc scene for a number of years and has a handful of contacts scattered around the globe.

Anti-Sentinel Rifle: On the side she's been helping fund Prodigy's efforts, at her request, to develop a portable weapon capable of punching through Sentinel armor.

Generally around 10 am to 11 pm, CST. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are evenings only.
Neutron +bbread 16/9 - So the M.I.A isn't mine, but Lillian is looking for the green girl mentioned. If you too would like to undertake this quest, we can maybe agree to meet up to work on it. For additional info on the plot itself, submit a request! Most nights after 7pm CST
Frenzy Abandoned Warehouse: Jo and company have revamped an abandoned warehouse into the training grounds for new recruits (and old!). Everyone is welcome. There also seems to be a little bit of side-betting here and there when 'training fights' occur. I am train_rp_ok!

Kick: Actively looking into the Kick and Life Seed infestation. P_OK to beat up Kick dealers and scare them out of town.

Magneto: Frenzy keeps her eyes and ears open for the missing Magneto.

7 pm CST. Sometimes daytime.
Scarlet Witch Also leader/fachead of Brotherhood so have awareness of most things going on, and help direct people how to follow-up leads. Can Witch-like sense/scry potential details for all kinds of questions, if asked to. Available after 7 CST, can go a bit earlier on weekends.
Quicksilver I am a Brotherhood leader/fachead, so I am aware of most plots implicating the Brotherhood and am able to direct you accordingly, if you ask. Also Scott Summers is a filthy liar. Generally RPable after 7 PM CST, though can sometimes do earlier.
Cyclops I'm a leader and fachead for the X-Men and Scott is a co-Headmaster for the Institute, so generally speaking I'm involved with or aware of most of the plots going on with the faction and can help out and direct when asked! In a way just slightly superior to Quicksilver. Shh. Don't tell him. Kind of variable most days, but usually late afternoons / evenings EST!
Mastermind None None
Sage None None
Wolfsbane None None
Pixie None None
Multiple Man None None
Bishop None None
Iceman None None
Iron Man None None
Rogue None None
Integral None None
Black Widow None None
Vange None None
X-23 None None
Moroz None None
White Queen None None
Wasp None None
Lifeguard None None
Marvel Girl None None
Wildchild None None
Shadowcat None None
Goblyn None None
Gambit None None
Firestar None None
Psylocke None None
Rockslide None None
Prodigy None None
Mystique None None
Nocturne None None