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xxxxxAny player of Mutant Genesis is expected to comply with and follow all of these policies. Failing to do so will get the offender punished without fail. By making a character on Mutant Genesis you are agreeing that you have read and will abide by the rules listed here. Ignorance is not an excuse.


xxxxxWe trust our players to actually play the characters they apply for. We are not going to set hard 'you must post a log every X days' limits but we will be monitoring activity both in general on the game, and in logs. We expect people on important or sought after characters to maintain noticeable levels of activity. If you're playing a Tier One character, we shouldn't really have any reason to 'wonder' if you're being active or not. We expect people on high profile characters to be proactive members of the community.

xxxxxNot logging on at all is an entirely different beast. If you don't even manage to log onto the game for 15 days or longer, your character is vulnerable to being taken away without warning. If you're going on vacation or something, please bbpost that fact. In most scenarios, your +canon will be a large part of staff determining your level of activity on the game, in regards to alts and maintaining Tier 1 & 2 FCs or IC leadership roles.

xxxxxIf subjected to abuse, this policy is bound to change!

Age Policy

xxxxxNo characters under the age of 18 allowed.


xxxxxWe allow players to play up to two Feature Characters (only one of which may be a 'Tier One' or 'Restricted') or one FC and one Original Character. We expect players to show a measurable degree of IC activity with their first character before seeking to apply for a second, and under no circumstances whatsoever can someone have more than one unapproved character at a time.

xxxxxFor more information on Tiers visit the Tiers page.

xxxxxNo one is entitled to more than one character. If you create an alt before getting active on your first character you won't be approved.

xxxxxA third alt slot is reserved for Antagonist PCs


xxxxxStaff understands that there are dozens of iterations of every character out there, but for the sake of focusing on a story-driven game on a specific point in time of the mutant struggles, we ask characters are kept close to their Earth-616 counterparts. If you want to app Scarlet Witch, for example, it's generally accepted that she's the daughter of Magneto and something like that wouldn't really be up for debate.

xxxxxHowever, we are not trying to pigeon-hole players, and we want to see your take on a classic character, so feel free to give us your take on them, so long as it doesn't take them so far from their original material that other players would find them widely unfamiliar.


xxxxxBe excellent to each other. No form of bullying or harassment will be tolerated. There is no excuse for rudeness. You don't have to like everyone, but you will be expected to be polite. If you have a complaint about someone, take your issue to staff. NO controversial topics on public channels. If someone asks you to stop paging them, please do so immediately. Do not bad-mouth other MUSHes on Mutant Genesis, please.


xxxxxThis is a comic MU. We're all here to have fun and tell stories together. It goes without saying that the game largely operates on give and take. If you're RPing a fight with somebody else, sometimes they hit you and sometimes you hit them. Nobody likes playing with that person who never takes a 'loss', and it can genuinely detract from group scenes if a particular character is needlessly avoiding all harm (and often making light of the scene) while other people in the scene are bleeding from multiple wounds and embracing the danger around them.

xxxxxIn Character Actions equal In Character Consequences, and if a particular player is continually seen to be taking advantage of the 'consent' nature of the game to minimize those consequences, staff will have a chat with them.

xxxxxNo-Selling : Just because we are a consent game is no excuse for people to ignore/minimize/mock threats or potential consequences for actions they decide to take. Even if your character has high composure/resolve and has literally been through the wringer, there is a difference between standing your ground when the shit hits the fan and just shrugging your shoulders and going "lol just another day at the office" when there are dead bodies everywhere, or a 60 foot Sentinel, or the Avengers are about to show up.

xxxxxThis is not a minor issue, and is completely off-putting for both Storytellers who make an effort to run things, and other players in the scene who are treating things appropriately. If we notice this, or we are notified of this, we will talk to the player and try working things out. Repeated offenses may force staff to ask you to leave the game.


xxxxxCheck the Continuity page.

Player Builds

xxxxxIf you want to build a businesses, an apartment, simply +request us with a description (2~3 paragraphs is fine) and location.

Player Run Plots

xxxxxCheck the Plot Central page.

Original Characters

xxxxxWe do not allow for Original Characters at this time.

Show Stealing & Playing to Win

xxxxxNo single character needs to be the "star" in every plot scene. No player should be coming into every plot scene as "the super prepared badass who did a bunch of prepwork before the scene". Players should never be OOCly approaching plot as a "thing to solve". This isn't a video game anyone should be trying to win. This is a venue to tell stories and build relationships between characters as they explore changes in themselves, the world, and encounter unfamiliar things and terrible forces.

xxxxxEverybody should get a chance to shine and 'do their thing'. And there are a couple of points to cover here, because this is a broad issue.

xxxxx• People without relevant skills should not be doing things they don't have the skills for, because it really minimizes the existence of characters who DO have those talents. Somebody with Martial Arts 3 shouldn't really be pulling off acrobatic punches that would make X-23 proud.

xxxxx• Just because you DO have a skill or powerset that can solve a problem does not mean you SHOULD. There are other players around, many of them can probably solve the same problems as your character could. Let them have a chance to shine and get the spotlight and feel important.

xxxxx• If you app a character like Kid Omega, Phoenix, X-Man, etc, you need to be prepared as a player to not just 'win' every scene instantly. Even if it would make PERFECT IC SENSE to just go "And I paralyze his brain" every scene instantly, you as a player are going to need to find reasons to NOT DO THAT. If you aren't prepared, as a player, to find those excuses, you should consider apping a weaker character, or we WILL talk to you.


xxxxxKeep it PG-13 in scenes unless everyone present is comfortable with something else.