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IC Date Log Summary
2018-03-16 The Carrot The hunt is on for the lost Madrox.
2018-03-15 Survival over Trust A livid Laura catches up to a disarmed Domino about a particularly unhealthy gamble.
2018-03-12 Half Dollar Halftime Moody meets Megan.
2018-03-11 High Profile Hunters A recent attack on one of the Brotherhood's own means that the hunt is on.
2018-03-11 Lessons Learned But not well enough. Mastermind gets played.
2018-03-10 Sight for Sore Eyes Madrox, missing for over a week, is finally found. Martinique embraces her inner Wyngarde.
2018-03-05 GPS and an AST A mercenary goes to visit the 'P Branch.' James Bond would approve.
2018-03-03 Racing for Pink Slips A plan comes together. It beats living out of a hotel room.
2018-03-03 Chopping Mall Playing cards, magik tricks, cyborgs and hotsales! It is a whole new world for the X-Men.
2018-03-02 Take-Away Troubles Alcohol and take-away. Is that too much to ask?
2018-02-24 Angelica meets James Madrox Angelica meets James Madrox
2018-02-23 Prowling in Montana Some of the Brotherhood jump out to Montana to follow a proverbial shot in the dark.
2018-02-17 Mental Muscle Multiple Man makes use of a rainy day to help Mastermind practice some mental gymnastics.
2018-02-16 Mortal Remains IX: The One-Song John Sublime's got the whole World in his hands. And the X-Men arrive, to take it all away from him.
2018-02-15 Life Seed: Last Supper The Life Seed is no more.
2018-02-14 Cutscene: Not Quite On Point Another day begins in the life of Lorna Dane.
2018-02-13 Let Fall the Sentinel The Brotherhood takes a more proactive approach in dealing with a 'dormant' Sentinel in Central
2018-02-12 Life Seed: The Valley of Nod The Brotherhood goes to the Valley of Nod in southeast Latveria, seeking Fred-formerly-Famine, who
2018-02-10 Mortal Remains VIII: Royal Flush The X-Men strike at the heart of Sublime PharmaCorps' operation in Hong Kong.
2018-02-09 One for the Road Mastermind and Multiple Man take a trip around Hell's Kitchen.
2018-02-09 Merc and a Morlock Marrow wants to go Sabretooth hunting but she's in need of some bait.
2018-02-07 Seeking Arkea Mastermind joins Escher in his continuing search for the Life Seed mutants. Progress is made.
2018-02-06 The Odds of Even A little power training goes a long way.
2018-02-03 In from the Cold The Men finally decide to come in from the cold.
2018-02-02 Danger Dash A few X-Men give the Danger Room a try.
2018-02-01 Stepping Up Two long time friends of the X-Men seek to officially join the team.
2018-01-29 Chip, Please Sometimes destroying stuff isn't the best option. Who knew?!
2018-01-28 Ghost Cookies Lullaby bakes cookies. Colossus and Wolfsbane barely notice.
2018-01-26 Mortal Remains VII: Last Resort The X-Men's enemies strike for the very heart of their operation.
2018-01-25 Brotherhood Means Family Training commences and realizations occur.
2018-01-24 Coffee and Cocoa Two old friends catch up.
2018-01-24 Homecoming Rogue comes home after time away, to find much has changed.
2018-01-23 Forgiveness Over Permission Sometimes it's just easier to ask for one instead of the other.
2018-01-23 A Little Delegation Domino has a job for Hellion to do.
2018-01-22 In Blood The Twins do a reading of Lily's blood to discern more about the Life Seed, and about her.
2018-01-22 Acolytes Return An Acolyte returns to the fold and Jo is there to greet them.
2018-01-20 Car Pool White Mustang, corner pocket.
2018-01-20 Short People Are Fierce People Wasp meets Wolverine for the first time, there's a staring contest and everything. Turns out short
2018-01-18 About the Life Seed... A brief discussion is held about resolving the Life Seed.
2018-01-17 Escape from Hell Following the aftermath of Barzakh, Magik and
2018-01-17 Second Chance Neena catches Pietro up on recent intel. He makes some things very clear.
2018-01-16 Bringing Back Guth The X-Men dive into XII's warping mindscape to find Sam Guthrie...and bring his ass home.
2018-01-16 Odd Jobs Black Tom catches up to Domino to discuss some matters, soon to be joined by Mystique.
2018-01-16 Memory Tabitha catches up with Pietro on the events of the past week.
2018-01-15 Fight Club Mystique teaches Escher some moves.
2018-01-14 Barzakh Mutants stop an incursion from hell.
2018-01-13 Mortal Remains VI: Separation Anxiety The Brotherhood finally confronts what lays beneath Oscorp's facility on Ryker's Island.
2018-01-13 Invasion Sam's ongoing journey through dreamland takes a bad turn down a dark road. (Warning: some graphic
2018-01-12 Why We Fight Marrow has a literal bone to pick with Tabitha after the latter informs Pietro and Wanda about her
2018-01-12 Ball and Chain Carl "Crusher" Creel wrecks NYC, to 'Eye of the Tiger'.
2018-01-11 S-A-R for S-A-M Monet, Roberto, and Scott discuss next steps for recovering Sam's missing psyche.
2018-01-11 The Only Antidote Immediately following the meeting in Log:S-A-R for S-A-M, Monet asks Bobby an important
2018-01-10 Who We Fight For Session two for Neutron in learning to fight with Frenzy.
2018-01-10 Operation Snowbird V: Viking Funeral Leaving the Everglades, Logan and Neena stop to discuss their own paths (and mutantkind's).
2018-01-09 Operation Snowbird IV: Chip off the Shoulder A Project Armageddon base in the Everglades; where Neena finds answers, and Logan finds proof.
2018-01-09 House Cleaning A group of telepaths (and Scott Summers) get sucked into Jean Grey's fracturing psyche.
2018-01-09 Operation Snowbird III: Of Boats & Men On the way to Florida, Neena and Logan briefly discuss boats... and their past.
2018-01-08 The House of Anything But Yes Two surprisingly similar women meet at a nightclub and take out their frustrations on hapless
2018-01-08 Operation Snowbird II: One Debt Away The south-bound roadtrip to Florida continues. Against all odds things start to improve.
2018-01-08 Operation Snowbird I: Scar Tissue Tracking Domino to rural PA, Logan makes it clear he's not leaving without answers.
2018-01-08 Follow the Money Black Tom Cassidy outlines to Pietro a scheme: to track the cash flows of the Brotherhood's
2018-01-07 Sabretooth Shenanigans Four predators end up in a very nasty fight.
2018-01-07 Truth and Consequence Domino comes clean to the Twins about her many secrets.
2018-01-07 Bring Me a Dream, Mister Sam-Man Sam's mind, trapped in a psionic shell, makes a housecall to Dazzler's mind to interrupt her dream
2018-01-06 Life Seed: Advent of Arkea The Life Seed in M-Town discovers Kick. A new species of mutant is born.
2018-01-05 Prepping for a Traffic Stop Dealing with a newbie is always kind of awkward.
2018-01-05 Through a Glass, Darkly Monet takes her grievances over the Snow Valley mission to Scott. Things are said, more things go
2018-01-05 The Dumbest Office Brotherhood members discuss a lead on Freddie Dukes. And Cyclops' stupid, stupid face.
2018-01-04 Deep Dark Domino Dive Booze, psychic surgery, and a cure for Kick.
2018-01-04 AAR - Snow Valley Harvest Farm Monet St. Croix's after-action report for the mission she was ostensibly supposed to lead.
2018-01-03 Mortal Remains V: Ghosts of the Past The X-Men pay a visit to Emma Frost's old school.
2018-01-01 A Notorious Meeting Two heroes who have been through life changing experiences face a shared reality of being vilified.
2018-01-01 Pinocchio's Tale I: Talking Crickets Three weird friends reunite, Santo explains robosex, Hellion is drunk, gifts are exchanged and
2018-01-01 Conviction Lillian comes to Pietro to confess a misdeed.
2018-01-01 Scylla and Charybdis Sam and Bobby meet up for a chat. Sam drops happy news, which is unknowingly a nuclear time bomb.
2017-12-31 Blackout Yet another tale of one very twisted relationship.
2017-12-31 Auld Lang Syne On New Year's Eve, Monet meets with Scott to discuss an upcoming mission. A lot of things change in
2017-12-30 First Steps Neutron has her first fighting lesson with Frenzy.
2017-12-30 Ever heard of Xavier's X-Men? Angelica meets Paige who tells her about Xavier's X-Men, something she hasn't quite known about
2017-12-29 It Keeps Turning It was asked the Archangel sought help after some recent events. So he sought out the very best.
2017-12-29 A Quick Chat Jono comes across Paige Guthrie, yet another classmate, after a few years away.
2017-12-28 Fresh Air Nothing suspicious. Or extravagant.
2017-12-28 Apa trece, pietrele rămân. Cutscene. "Water flows, rocks remain."
2017-12-28 The Quiet Way In Pietro and Wanda meet with Mystique to form a plan of approach the Oscorp facility under Ryker's
2017-12-27 Status Update The Twins, accompanied by Frenzy, rendezvous with Domino near the Institute to catch up on what she
2017-12-27 Din doua rele s-alegi pe cea mai mica. BACKSCENE. 2010: What happened to Wanda after this log.
2017-12-27 Rock Island Line Paige hunts down Sam to give him a personalized gift. The mystery gift box Sam received for
2017-12-27 Daphne Don't Do Shania Sam, Husk, and Goblyn descend upon the garage. Goblyn is given a lesson in music, and OH MY GOD
2017-12-27 The Art of Surprise After receiving a ridiculously lavish Christmas present from Monet, Jono keeps his word by
2017-12-26 A Tale of Two Guthries Husk confronts Sam about his strange comings and goings. Sam hits her with a cardboard tube.
2017-12-26 Team-Building Exercise Monet uses a chance encounter to continue recruiting for the mission that Jean Grey tasked her
2017-12-25 Measures to Take On Jean's recommendation, Monet seeks out Logan to recruit him for an upcoming mission. The two
2017-12-25 A Friendly Message Janet has some intel and advice to share with a more receptive Brotherhood agent.
2017-12-24 Waving the White Flag An attempt at reconciliation, away from the prying eyes of the Institute.
2017-12-24 Thieves Can't Monet meets Black Tom Cassidy in Venice. Jewelry gets stolen.
2017-12-23 Guidance The Twins meet with one of the Brotherhood's newest: Lillian, orphaned by the Life Seed's
2017-12-23 Progress Pietro and Wanda find Marrow to ask her about Caliban. PROGRESS is made in the expression of sweet
2017-12-23 Black and Blue The Brotherhood terrorist Domino meets one of the Institute's more... unusual residents.
2017-12-23 Rock The Casbah Two classmates reunite, and decide to go get some hot chocolate and catch up with what they've
2017-12-22 Ghosts of Colombia Why can't the past just stay buried?
2017-12-21 Ballad of The Black Eagle 2011 - 2012: Domino sets a trap for the the Wolverine. Just business, I'm sure.
2017-12-20 Fallen Angel Three years ago, an accident drove Roberto Da Costa to New York City and his hot-tempered nature
2017-12-20 White Death Shooting your boss in the back is rarely a good idea, regardless of what kind of homicidal sentient
2017-12-20 KICKin' the Kick Sam Guthrie attempts to reach out to the minds of the youth to help them KICK the Kick.
2017-12-19 CUTSCENE - Clash of the Century Upon his recent return to the Institute, Logan engages in Danger Room sparring.
2017-12-19 InQuireing Minds Domino's bored at the Institute and Quentin has some questions.
2017-12-18 Two Psychics & a Kick Addict Brought back to the Institute, Domino finds that these X-Men types aren't all that bad.
2017-12-18 Dangerous Inside Monet goes looking for information about the terrorist in the medical bay, and gets that - plus a
2017-12-18 Semi-Open Lines A brief text conversation between Phoenix and Quicksilver on recent issues.
2017-12-17 Albatross Quicksilver speaks to the returned Toad, who asks questions of the new leader that he never would
2017-12-17 Zen and the Art of Ducati Maintenance Sam, Cable, Monet, and Rahne gather in the Xavier garage. Wolves are angered. Machines are repaired
2017-12-17 Merc to Merc Domino asks Frenzy for a favor.
2017-12-17 Simply Sublime A log in which Brotherhood and X-Men work side by side to investigate an underground production
2017-12-16 Hair Trigger All I wanted was some coffee!!
2017-12-16 Bunker Buds Brotherhoodians hanging around & being surprisingly civil.
2017-12-15 The Daemon of Fogwell's Old friends meet up to solve a problem.
2017-12-14 Back Against the Wall Quicksilver catches up with Domino on what the blasted hell she's doing with that Kick stuff.
2017-12-14 Snow Ball Into Mayhem The mutant drug Kick has officially found its way to the Xavier Institute. GM'd by Greyjoy and
2017-12-14 Kick-Start Don't walk into Neena's bunkroom uninvited. Here's why.
2017-12-14 The Angel & The Toad Firestar meets the Toad for the first time. A discussion of surprising depth ensues.
2017-12-13 Lines Drawn Joanna is approached by St. John, with questions about her true loyalties.
2017-12-12 Blind in Texas Event! The Brotherhood are tipped off to the existence of a sentinel factory in Texas. A strange
2017-12-12 Primitive Evil A little Cerebro tour becomes something else entirely.
2017-12-12 Hellion Texts Blink Blink did not return to the bunker after the Famine encounter. Hellion tries to reach her.
2017-12-11 Life Seed: And His Name Was Famine - Part I Ozymandias, Herald of Apocalypse, comes to the Brotherhood with an offer-- and an upsettingly
2017-12-11 Scotch and Espionage Bulletstorm and Mystique catch up about Riker's and Steele's unexpected joining of the Brotherhood.
2017-12-11 The Second Rule Of Fight Club St. John takes out some frustrations, and Domino steps in when things go too far.
2017-12-11 Life Seed: And His Name Was Famine - Part II As the mutants of M-Town square off against the newest Horseman of the Apocalypse, Famine --
2017-12-10 Sentinel Secrets The twins and Tabitha discuss what she and Prodigy have discovered about the Sentinels... as well
2017-12-09 Hollyweird Part I: Monkey Business With Dazzler’s musical career on life support, she receives an offer from an enigmatic producer
2017-12-09 Street & Greet The first Domino falls. From a building. Good thing Cable knows how to catch!
2017-12-09 Rise of The Right Reports of Sentinels outside MT lead the Brotherhood into an ambush from a new threat.
2017-12-08 Operation: Snack Heist! The Brotherhood robs a Hostess Factory. Things go wrong.
2017-12-08 Water War 80's Rock. Champagne. Beer. Gossip. With a moment to relax, the indoor pool at the Institute
2017-12-07 Not Tense At All A SUPER friendly conversation, with attempted mediation from Amara.
2017-12-06 Everybody Likes Meatloaf Fully recovered now from his brush with death, Escher sets out to tidy up a few loose ends. Nobody
2017-12-06 Professionalism Two hired killers share some words at the Brotherhood bunker.
2017-12-06 Jingle All De Way Gambit takes a couple of X-Types on an outing to kick some Bad Santa Ass.
2017-12-06 The Dream Jean calls Pietro and Wanda. Children continue the debates of their fathers.
2017-12-05 Girl Talk Wasp uses some time on her own for a pick me up snack at the kitchen and reflection, Lifeguard and
2017-12-05 Round One: Frenzy versus Domino Frenzy and Domino spar which Quicksilver interrupts.
2017-12-05 The Nunes Transfer The Brotherhood delivers Manny and Isadora Nunes to the Xavier Institute. Afterwards, Hellion is
2017-12-04 Kick Fiends and Killer Kicks Bulletstorm calls in backup to deal with a Kick fiend and his dealers
2017-12-04 Consulting the Oracles Hellion returns to the Xavier Institute, seeking the wisdom of his mentors.
2017-12-04 H is for Homecoming While hiding out at the Xavier Institute pool, awaiting an appointment, old classmates and new
2017-12-04 Plans in Motion Jamie Madrox meets Pietro Maximoff to briefly discuss his slow-burn plans.
2017-12-04 The First Rule Of Fight Club Frenzy brings Domino and Singularity to the warehouse she's scoped out for an impromptu training
2017-12-03 Welcome To The Terrorist Club After posting her concern of being publicized in the evening news as a mutant terrorist, Angelica
2017-12-02 Sam Gets Yenta'd Kitty tracks Sam down to play the role of yenta, and tug on his ear about girls, mostly the
2017-12-02 Inconvenient Truths and WMDs A brotherhood meeting of further Oscorp threat
2017-12-02 Friendship is Fire Firestar and Pyro share a genuine moment, with Domino acting as appalled observer.
2017-12-01 Just for Kicks Drugs are bad, mmhkay?
2017-12-01 Cats of Jersey, Hounds of Hell In Jersey to pick up Firestar's pet Pumpkin, things take a turn for the 'oh god wtf'.
2017-11-30 Confirmation Drama Wanda is brought to confirm the young woman from another universe claiming to be her daughter. The
2017-11-29 Used Model Guthrie After being temporarily killed by Thor, Sam is stuck in the hospital bed. A steady stream of
2017-11-29 Active Measures A betrayal turns into a whole lot of SHIELD-on-Brotherhood violence
2017-11-29 Postage Not Paid Singularity, Domino and Frenzy go onto a recon mission.
2017-11-29 In The Air Tonight That time when Pyro and Boom-Boom proved, once again, they need adult supervision at all times.
2017-11-28 Levitations Mercy introduces Domino to a coffee so black it has its own gravitational pull.
2017-11-28 Thunderstruck A group of X-Men goes to pick up a mutant Avenger.
2017-11-28 Implants R Us III: Schematic Heist Bulletstorm continues to press his agenda, and Escher -- brand spanking new to the Brotherhood --
2017-11-26 Explosives Debriefing An oldtimer has a chat with recovering Skratj about her recent conflict
2017-11-26 Implants R Us II: Info Gathering is Hard An info gathering op gets complicate
2017-11-25 BvX Origins - Skratj v Gambit It's a quick game of cat & mouse but with more birds, thieves and drugs.
2017-11-25 My Grandma Is Better Than Most Firestar poses infront of a mirror testing catch phrases when she thinks she's alone, she isn't,
2017-11-24 You Are Loved GBG decorates the neighborhood
2017-11-24 Brotherhood Burlesque After the events of Log:_You_Are_Loved, Eva and Madrox make good on their plan to track down
2017-11-24 Psychic Defense Class I Jean Grey gives a tour of the Astral Plane to some of the less telepathically-inclined.
2017-11-23 A Girls' Flight Out The Shiar's most wanted have a talk in the sky.
2017-11-23 The Gundersons' Normal Thanksgiving In which Nightcrawler and Dazzler spend Thanksgiving on a stakeout.
2017-11-23 De nevoie n-ai ce face. 'Necessity has no law.' Eva finds Pietro, and asks some difficult questions.
2017-11-22 Sinister Revenge: Part II Super villains come for the Brotherhood, using children as bait and weapons. Note: Graphic
2017-11-22 It's Like Jenga The day after the big incident at Dazzler's concert, Eva and Sam run into one another in the lounge
2017-11-22 Sinister Revenge: Part I Mutant Town gang violence gets interrupted by a group of super villains hunting mutants.
2017-11-21 Night of the Sentinels: Part II Higher echelons of the government have decided that, in light of recent events, the 'mutant issue'
2017-11-21 Night of the Sentinels: Part I Higher echelons of the government have decided that, in light of recent events, the 'mutant issue'
2017-11-21 The Tower, Reversed Backscene. Pietro and Wanda, while still under their father's regime.
2017-11-20 A Whole New World What else would you call a log involving a magic carpet ride? Less with the shining, shimmering
2017-11-20 Of Chaos and Normalcy A talk on chaos of recent days with a dash of rare normalcy thrown in.
2017-11-20 An Understated Return Frenzy returns with word on her search for Magneto, meets a few people.
2017-11-19 Birds of a Feather Jay and Heather catch up and talk flying.
2017-11-19 Further Proof that Nothing Good Happens in Junkyards It was supposed to be a hangout with beer and pizza in the junkyard. X-23 cuts right into the heart
2017-11-19 Cards and Sensibilities Steele calls for a meeting with an old associate in relation to a certain job.
2017-11-19 Simpatico The twins catch up with Tabitha after recent events.
2017-11-19 Post X-Meeting Steaks and Dogs Some of the X-ers head out onto the patio for some post-meeting grilling.
2017-11-18 Brotherhood Black Ops II After a rogue MKI Sentinel makes the news, the Brotherhood investigates where it came from.
2017-11-18 Implants R Us 1: How Not to Catch a Strongman A disturbance in One Eyed Joe's interrupts a reunion of Bulletstorm and Rogue. Mysteries ensue that
2017-11-17 Failures in Common Sense One displaced Aussie, two Maximoffs, and a lot of ducks have a conversation about basically exactly
2017-11-17 L-O-L-A I don't even know anymore. Some stuff happens with Pyro and Boom-Boom. Don't read.
2017-11-17 Totally Not Field Training Magik takes seven other X'ers out on a totally 100% legit mission.
2017-11-16 Mortal Remains IV: Raid at Oscorp The Brotherhood knows something is going down at Oscorp. Inside, they behold the future.
2017-11-16 One Less Fire Hydrant Drunk flatscans come driving into Mutant Town to observe the mutants in their natural habitat.
2017-11-16 Slices of Pie Rachel and Kitty discuss family and the future.
2017-11-15 Confronting Colossus Kitty and Piotr talk about being in the field together.
2017-11-15 Discarding the Dross Steele calls Pietro to account, providing both guidance on leadership-- and warnings.
2017-11-15 Mortal Remains III: A Sublime Invitation The X-Men go to investigate a group of X-impersonators.
2017-11-15 Of Thugs and Things Beyond Our Reality A mutant in Hell's Kitchen calls for Brotherhood help and the Brotherhood find a newly arrived
2017-11-14 Wales is on the Left Hellion drops GBG off at the mall prior to conducting business of a personal nature
2017-11-14 Bloodied Noses, Blurred Lines Hellion is lured out to the New York countryside for a hatchet burying ceremony with Polaris.
2017-11-14 Mission Certification - Bulletstorm Style Generic brotherhood girl gets dragged out on her first Brotherhood mission, but not before she's
2017-11-13 Stealing at the Lingerie Store: Busted Teen Emma clones have no clothes. Future girl proposes taking them. Grown-ups bust teens.
2017-11-12 Movie Nite at the Xavier Institute Introductions get made. People get cranky at Hellion. But what else is new?
2017-11-12 You Are So Dusted Pixie meets the Cuckoos and Rachel. Guess which of them has a very bad reaction to Pixie Dust?
2017-11-12 Inferno II: Strange Things A group of mutants answer an invitation to the Sanctum Santorum.
2017-11-12 Early Birds Five Little Emmas + One Ragin' Cajun. You Do The Math.
2017-11-11 Crossing Party Lines Hellion, Icarus, and Magma eyeballing Christmas shopping lists is probably the most nauseating
2017-11-11 Rescuing Cuckoos A group of X-Men stumble upon a group of baby Emma Frosts.
2017-11-10 Bribing Baby Phoenixes With Cake The age old story of finding time-displaced relatives at bus stops.
2017-11-10 Brotherhood Discussion Hour The Brotherhood confers on Manny and the Philly rally, but talking isn't what they're good at.
2017-11-09 Rally in Philly The X-Men and the Brotherhood clash at an Anti-Mutant Rally in Philadelphia
2017-11-08 Mortal Remains II: Ghosts and Goblins Some X'ers investigate an odd blip on Cerebro in Salem.
2017-11-07 How To Cure A Hangover A night in the city turns into a throw down with some shadow ninjas.
2017-11-07 Mortal Remains I: The Werewolf of Mutant Town Appearances are not what they seem in Mutant Town
2017-11-07 Gemenii The Maximoff twins speak briefly of recent events.
2017-11-06 Twin Tag Team Recruiting The twins pay a healing Bulletstorm an unexpected visit. Healing and unexpected logic ensue.
2017-11-06 The Quest for Ratings A group of young mutants find themselves in a live action role-playing game.
2017-11-06 Basic Footwork Wolfsbane gets her very first fencing lesson from Nightcrawler.
2017-11-05 Black Ops I Follow-Up Bulletstorm wakes up in the Brotherhood bunker after his rescue the previous evening.
2017-11-05 Inferno I: Hell is Other People Santo and Illyana have strange nightmares that wind up leading them to a strange tower.
2017-11-04 Brotherhood Black Ops I The Brotherhood bails Bulletstorm out of a bind.
2017-11-03 How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Marko? In which some of the X-Men realize just how hard it is to stop The Juggernaut.
2017-11-03 Danger Room BBQ Wherein Lorna Dane apparently forgets there is a real outside world.
2017-11-03 A Window Away from Westchester What is dorm-life like after Westchester? A view into the lives of former students and the plans
2017-11-02 Regarding that Wayward Grey Souls converge upon Hellion's domicile to discuss that wayward mutant...Nathan Grey.
2017-11-02 The Stories Shoes Tell Rachel and Julian meet for the first time. His shoes are different from hers.
2017-11-02 Enter Manifold Manhattan gets a new mutant with some handy new powers.
2017-11-01 Mutant Town Mutant Chat Some acquaintances bump into each other in mutant town before running into an odd stranger.
2017-11-01 Langoliers in the Danger Room Emma tortures Kurt, Illyana, and Lorna via Danger Room scenarios.
2017-06-13 Cry Havoc and Let Loose...the Wildchild Six months ago, a mutant prison break occurred
2017-01-07 Oneiromancy Eden and Rachel take a trip into Sam's dreams to tell him that help is on the way.