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The X-Men are a problem, because we do not know what they are, where they hide, or who is their real leader. While the Brotherhood uses bazookas, the X-Men appear out of thin air, come and go. They work with military efficiency. This is not good, at all.

Whoever they are, they seem to be able to avoid us at every turn. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest fuck up is allegedly being harbored by the X-Men, but for all the unknowns, we do know they are more civilized than their counterparts. That is an opportunity, and now we just need leverage.

- Dr. Cooper

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Fury's pet project. Seem to have gotten their shit together now, finally. First order of the day is finding Magneto and subduing the X-Men and the Brotherhood. If anyone can do it is Rogers. Does the man ever sleep?

- Dr. Cooper

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Mavericks and unknowns. The undecided majority. The future of America as a nation rests in their hands, and their actions in the months to come. They must be our focus.

- Dr. Cooper

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