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I, Mutant

xxxxxSave for a handful of mutants in the past, the species is an advent of the Atomic Age, a new phenomenon that has puzzled scientists around the globe. The majority of mutants develop these abilities upon puberty, and most mutants are stronger, live longer, and are more resistant to diseases than humans. Many scientists fear what hatemongers around the globe already spout: Mutantkind may very well replace humans very soon.

xxxxxMutants tend to band together not only because humans around them tend to fear them, but because only another mutant can really understand what is it to be a mutant, the temptations and fears, the realization you are not like any of your former peers. Many mutants first come in contact with their powers in a traumatic fashion that splits them from former family and friends, forcing them to find their way in an unfriendly world early.

xxxxxTo be a mutant, to many, is to share a culture of discomfort, pain and wonder, to join an extended family only you are ready to embrace.

Turbulent Times

xxxxxStaff here at Mutant Genesis is trying to provide and nurture a specific environment. We have chosen to focus specifically on the struggles of the X-Men, Brotherhood, and mutant-kind as they try to find or make their place in the world. The world at large is not comfortable with mutants. Obvious mutants lead very hard lives and likely have difficulty even managing to provide for themselves. Parents who find out their children are mutants are generally horrified.

xxxxxThe world isn't always dark and awful, but we do wish to focus on the struggle of mutant-kind and don't want to see players constantly behaving ICly or running stories that make light of that struggle. If it becomes necessary, staff will talk to anyone who seems to be straying too far away from the atmosphere we believe is important for this setting.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."
xxxxx- Malcolm X

xxxxxThe Brotherhood follows the footsteps of Magneto in the belief that mutantkind must inherit Earth, or they might be wiped out by humanity. Their pragmatism is a response to hate and the awareness of humanity's propensity towards violence. Although many brothers are uncomfortable with the team's methods, all of them they understand someone needs to do what must be done to protect their kind. The Brotherhood is home to the disfranchised and those who will not suffer abuse, and will not tolerate it, not now or ever again.

xxxxxPlaying a Brother or Sister means playing a character that, although they may not be comfortable with it, believes Magneto in that humans will draw first blood. With the X-Men representing the hopeful dreamers of mutantkind, the Brotherhood looks to the future and sees there might not be room for two species on Earth. Humans are too aggressive and too uncivilized to share it, and if push comes to shove they will have to go, letting evolution do its thing. If a character believes that to be unacceptable and finds fighting violence with violence to be reprehensible, they join the X-Men.


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
xxxxx- Martin Luther King

xxxxxThe X-Men believe in Professor X's idea of unity between homo superior and sapiens. They dare dream the impossible dream, as the alternative is far too grim and unacceptable. Although the X-Men hold themselves to a strict set of morals, not all its members are perfect and shining examples of Professor X's vision. Their tolerance and optimistic view of the world draws troubled souls and sinners who want to be better, who want to believe this utopia dreamed by Charles Francis Xavier has a place for them.

xxxxxPlaying an X-Man means a character, although they may not be perfect, try their hardest to follow Professor Xavier's dreams of unity between species. There is no X-Force in this continuity, as the events that lead the current members down that dark path have not happened yet, and might not happen, ever. The X-Men take Professor X's philosophy seriously, because they believe it is worthy. Their most troubled members, such as Gambit and Wolverine, are as far as we are allowing things to go and they are generally trying to be better, not embracing their more 'murderous' sides. If a character believes in extreme measures, and acts on them, he joins the Brotherhood.