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Origins: Professor Charles Xavier speaks at the United Nations about the emergence of the homo superior, shedding light on a subject most of the world has only seen shaky Youtube videos of. Realizing the world might not be ready for the so-called mutants just yet, the Professor visits five prospects, young mutants one and all, to recruit them to become the X-Men. Gifted with amazing powers by their genes, the original five barely have time to learn how to control themselves when the world is exposed to the other side of mutant kind: Magneto strikes at one of the many Stark Labs, this one supposedly working on weapons to hunt and kill mutants, publicly drawing a line in the sand between the two species. The X-Men engage him and save most of the personnel in the facility once Magneto realize the young mutants are his old friend's protegés. He swears to Charles' mental projection that won't stop him next time.


Brotherhood: Magneto draws powerful mutants to his cause, namely the Romani twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, the illusionist Mastermind and the resourceful Toad. United in Brotherhood, they swear to do whatever it takes to protect mutantkind and save young mutants from the rising wave of violence perpetrated by the Friends of Humanity. The presence of obvious mutants protecting others in the streets is used by Senator Kelly to manipulate public opinion against 'mutant threat'.
X-Men: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Polaris are abducted by the living island of Krakoa, which keeps them captive and feeds off their life force. While Cyclops manages to escape, he fails to notice he was allowed to leave by Krakoa so the young mutant could bring more of his kind in for the living island to feed on. The Professor, however, decides to make use of Cerebro and recruit a group of more experienced mutants for this mission: Thunderbird, Banshee, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine, led by Cyclops, go to Krakoa and successfully rescue the original X-Men.


Brotherhood/X-Men: After the events of Krakoa, the original X-Men with the exception of Cyclops decide to take a break from all the chaos and violence. Separated from his friends, and confronted with the strong personalities of Thunderbird and Wolverine, Cyclops pushes the team harder and harder until the X-Men suffer their first casualty as Thunderbird recklessly goes rogue on a mission and ends up dead. Deciding to give his X-Men some time to grieve, the Professor suspends the team's activities, and while the X-Men are shopping in New York they are attacked by the first Sentinels. Many X-Men are abducted and taken by the mutant-hunting robots to a space station under the orders of Steven Lang, and the Brotherhood offers to assist Cyclops and the few remaining X-Men in recovering their teammates. As the two teams find their way to the space station, the battle results in the destruction of the space station and the team desperately trying to go back to Earth as their ship is battered by solar flares. Jean Grey, sacrificing herself as the only one able to hold off radiation poisoning long enough to pilot them to safety, is approached by the Phoenix, and with her last breath agrees to join with the entity to save her friends and survive.


Brotherhood: Increasingly more distressed by the creation of the Sentinels, the Brotherhood finds itself at odds with the shadow organization of SHIELD, which has been keeping tabs on mutant activities around the globe and making use of extensive resources to find Gene-X-positive individuals in the USA. During a raid of one of SHIELD's facilities, they discover a database containing the name of thousands of mutants in the United States, and while the Brotherhood destroys it, they end up giving director Nick Fury the leverage he needed with the government to greenlight the Avengers Initiative.
X-Men: Jean Grey decides to remain distanced from the X-Men, only to be manipulated by the Brotherhood's Mastermind, who wants a seat at the Hellfire Club and wishes to use Phoenix Force to get it. Although he manages to get Dark Phoenix back to New York and in a meeting with the rest of the Hellfire Club, the Phoenix Force refuses to be manipulated anymore, and it obliterates Jason Wyngarde. In a display that is seen for miles, the Phoenix Force vanishes. While the Phoenix Force is away, Professor X searches for its mind, calling it home. When it does, the Shi'ar Empire comes in tow to execute it, knowing the Phoenix Force to be destruction incarnate. Although the mutants lose the fight against the Shi'ar Royal Guard, the Phoenix Force gets shot by Lilandra and the trauma of bodily death snaps the Dark Phoenix out of its frenzy, simmering and going dormant once more.


Brotherhood/X-Men: In an attempt to deter an assassination plot on Senator Kelly by the Brotherhood, who wants to kill the man for his plans of enacting the Mutant Registration Act, Shadowcat switches her psyche with another version of herself of an alternate timeline. In that world, Sentinels rule the world and mutants are hunted down and killed. In order to prevent the apocalyptic future, Kitty travels back to the past to prevent the death of Senator Kelly, warning the X-Men and making sure the mutant Mystique is unable to pull the trigger on the hatemongering politician. Although the Brotherhood and the X-Men clash, and the Senator manages to flee, to the public eye mutants remain dangerous and the alternate timeline remains intact.


Brotherhood/X-Men: After a television debate with Charles Xavier, Reverend William Stryker kidnaps him, planning to use the Professor to kill all of the world's mutants via cerebral hemorrhage. The X-Men and the Brotherhood, together, go in a search for Professor X and find Reverend William Stryker's Purifiers waiting for them. While the X-Men rush to save the Professor, the Brotherhood makes quick work of the Purifiers in brutal fashion, but the Reverend himself is nowhere to be found. Outisde their hideout Stryker is baited into admitting his plans for mutant genocide by Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, and gets shot by a security guard when trying to murder Shadowcat in public. Across the USA, the Reverend's defenders rally to him as he awaits trial for his crimes after escaping Magneto's fury.


Brotherhood: The Brotherhood find and raze the Sentinel factory responsible for producing the robots that were sent after the X-men years before, finally discovering the real culprit behind the creation of the mutant-hunting robots: Stark Industries.
X-Men: With the growing violence against mutants all over the world, Professor Xavier decides to recruit others to his cause, and turn his mansion in an actual school, albeit one that secretly teaches young mutants to use their powers. The first students he is able to reach out end up becoming Cannonball, Mirage, Karma, Wolfsbane and Sunspot.


Brotherhood: Having finally figured out the contractors behind the building of the Sentinels, the Brotherhood kidnaps a high-profile executive of Stark Industries, Obadiah Stane, to discover all the location of all Sentinel assembly lines. For the first time, however, the Brotherhood faces superhuman opposition in the form of Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man.
X-Men: Years before, when the Dark Phoenix dissipated on the Moon, it sought to house itself within a healing Jean Grey whose's body was in stasis under the sea. A fraction of the cosmic being, however, would find its way into the woman's clone, a being crafted by Sinister in his inscrutable quest for genetic perfection. The clone, called Madelyne Pryor, is ignorant of her own nature and brims with a slice of the Phoenix Force. She successfully wins over a griefing Cyclops' affections by emulating the thought-dead Jean in body and mind. From their brief union in Alaska a baby would be born.


X-Men: Jean Grey returns to the Institute to join the X-Men for good. With her return, Sinister decides to pull the plug on Madelyne Pryor and orders his Marauders to attack the woman aboard of a plane, crashing it.


Brotherhood/X-Men: The mysterious Marauders attack a mutant named Tommy and her boyfriend to follow her and find the underground mutants known as Morlocks. The Marauders kill Tommy and hundreds of Morlocks before the Brotherhood and the X-Men arrive and fight them, avoiding the total slaughter of the Morlocks. The teams suffers crippling losses, chief among them being Angel having his wings severely wounded. The massacre of mutants awakens an entity in Egypt a hundred years before his plans, and En Sabah Nur joins the living.


Brotherhood/X-Men: The X-Men and the Brotherhood are transported to the Celestial vessel of the ancient god-mutant Apocalypse. From the ship they witness as Apocalypse attacks Washington DC, and are offered a seat by his side in a world remade by his hand. The Avengers are fielded by the US government for the first time and successfully rebuke the attack, until Apocalypse unleashes his Horsemen, Angel among them with new, metallic wings. Still unsynchronized and riddled with personal rivalries, the Avengers are easily bested by Apocalypse's servants in front of cameras that broadcast the horror worldwide. The mutants inside the ship break free of their bonds and attack the powerful ancient in a fight that culminates in a piece of the Celestial vessel crashing on the ground, with most of the two teams within. As Apocalypse flees, and Professor X and Magneto are nowhere to be seen, the world has the first good view of the X-Men.

2017 The Brotherhood and the X-Men now live in a post-Professor X and post-Magneto world, even if they never quite stopped looking for their mentors. Hate crimes against mutant-kind are at an all-time high, and by the day the US government injects funds on SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative to arm itself against potential enemies. While there are reasonable voices on both sides, the peace isn't meant to last, and how the two groups will act will shape the future of their whole species, and the world.

Brotherhood/X-Men - Mortal Remains: Mutants are seen as the cure of their own crisis by Oscorp and John Sublime, who use the nascent species to craft armies designed to hunt the homo superior. After gruesome battles in Mutant Town against the Brotherhood, Oscorp finally stepped back from the fight; while the X-Men were forced to take the fight to Sublime, his U-Men and the Weapon Plus program in The World. The mutant species can now flourish in peace.

Brotherhood - Life Seed: En Sabah Nur makes contact with the Brotherhood and sends Famine their way. A former companion, the monster wreaks havoc in Mutant Town and allows for other servants of the Mutant God to plant a seed that slowly corrupts the neighborhood and threatens to destroy it. To get rid of it, they travel to the Valley of Nod, where the failures of Apocalypse are, to enlist their fallen comrade and entice him into a last act of sacrifice for mutantkind.

Brotherhood/X-Men - Rise of the Sentinels: After the failure of the Mk. I the Sentinel Project found itself in the hands of Stark Enterprises, which produced the Mk. II. The debut of these new Sentinels was during the show of mutant celebrity Dazzler at Central Park. They have since then been banned in big cities, and the Mk. II have since vanished, even leaving Stark Enterprises to be produced by an yet to be declared company.