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There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world; and that is an idea whose time has come.


After Washington

xxxxxAfter the disappearance of Charles Xavier in the Battle of Washington the X-Men seemed to hold up fine, at least on the surface. On a more personal level, however, for as much as he tried to prepare his students, none of them were ready to deal with a world that openly knows their existence. The X-Men must learn how to fill the gap left behind by mutantkind's greatest thinker, a man whose's existence assured many of them fighting was worth the pain, and that a better world would come, eventually.

State of Affairs

xxxxxThe X-Men are a clandestine organization of mutants with unknown goals so far as intelligence agencies know, and for now the X-Men believe that is to their benefit. Seen as the less extreme of both groups, the X-Men have saved many human and mutant lives, but thanks to their constant fights against Sentinels, or the attacks they suffer in public, it is all too easy to write them as menaces. However, in the aftermath of the Battle of Washington, they have risen to stardom amongst young mutants, and have opened a few human eyes, thanks to their efforts to save lives while fighting a demigod in Apocalypse.

xxxxxThe Xavier Institute is, nowdays, more of a mansion where a family lives together than an actual school. It is not advertised anywhere, and the shocking experiences survived by the members of the team have drawn them together as something closer than simple teachers and students.

HQ: Xavier Institute of Higher Learning, Salem

xxxxxThe Xavier Institute of Higher Learning is a special institute founded and led by Professor Charles Xavier to train young mutants in controlling their powers and help foster a friendly human-mutant relationship. The first time the mansion was destroyed, it was during Dark Phoenix' appearance. When the mansion was rebuild, it with upgraded with Shi'ar technology, which keeps it well-hidden from S.H.I.E.L.D. and other forces trying to find it.


xxxxxThe X-Men do not believe in supremacy of mutantkind, and they believe in leading by example. Although a harder path to take, they believe homo sapiens and superior are all human, and will not accept a world born from violence, ignorance, fear and hatred.

xxxxxFounding Members: Professor X, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl
xxxxxIC Leaders: Cyclops (Field Leader/Headmaster) and White Queen (Headmistress)
xxxxxField Leaders: Cyclops, Phoenix, White Queen

Why Join The X-Men?

xxxxx These are just a few of the more prominent reasons one might join:

xxxxxTraining: The X-Men have the best training facilities in the world when it comes to helping young mutants control and master their powers. Their distance from the eye of the storm also allows for more time spent in self-improvement, something which the the mutants in the front can seldom afford.

xxxxxFaith: Charles Xavier's Dream starts from the premise that mutants and humans can coexist peacefully, and that humans just need to be shown mutants are here to live with them and share the Earth. Being an X-Man involves not only believing this dream is achievable and worth pursuing, but it is the only acceptable outcome.


xxxxxThe classes below are optional, extra-curricular activities. If you are an X-Men feel free to page these players for scenes involving these subjects, and maybe you and the player in question can come up with something neat to do. Feel free to use these as hooks for RP.

Teacher Disciplines
Ms. Blaire Counseling, Music Education, Dance
Ms. Cameron Counseling and Physical Education
Ms. Frost Administrative Approvals, Discipline
Mr. Guthrie Auto Shop, Danger Room, Groundskeeping and Self-Defense
Ms. Grey Psychic Defense
Ms. Pryde Computer Science, Dance, Danger Room, Counseling, and Self-Defense
Ms. Rasputina Defense Against The Dark Arts
Remy Detention, Student Liaison, Delinquent X (Advisor)
Ms. Beaubier History, French
Mr. Rasputin Art

Team Roles

xxxxxCopy/Paste the Team Role template at the bottom of your wiki.

{{Team Role
| visible = false
| name = Your wiki title
| role = What do you think your character brings to the team, what kind of thing you would like others to come to you for, what kind of role do you think you fit during scenes (melee fighter, psychic support, grumpy person, etc).

Name Role
Cyclops Missions - Cyclops typically serves as a field leader during missions, organizing and deciding on tactics and strategy, things he excels at -- especially out on the field where improvisation is often key. While he often takes up leadership positions, he doesn't always, and in these situations he typically serves in some offensive role or another, with his optic blasts serving a variety of purposes and utility, from disarming to incapacitating to straight up, frightening destructive potential.

Institution - Scott Summers is co-Headmaster with Emma Frost and typically serves various administrative roles in the facility, addressing concerns with both faculty and students.

Marrow Missions - Marrow is a, not her words, badass bone ninja, and typically excels at missions that put her on the front lines thanks to her incredibly durable skeleton and her healing factor. Despite her abrasive personality, she's also very adept in stealth roles, scouting missions, and the occasional assassination when necessary. Marrow is also one of the only people left alive who can navigate the vast, labyrinthine Morlock Tunnels beneath New York that connects to many points throughout New York state, New Jersey, and Connecticut, serving as an excellent means of secret travel and a place to hide out for Brotherhood members when in need.
Cypher Missions: Digital intrusion, forensic analysis, support, communications, strategic analysis, tech ops, digital security, decryption, translation. Cypher is the go-to guy for stuff in funky alien languages and is handy for weird happenings in general, and the only good way to keep digital data safe from him is to print it out, lock the printout in a file cabinet somewhere, then delete the digital copy. His powers also make him a dab hand at overwatch and threat analysis.

Institute: Doug is the Institute's I.T. guy, and he troubleshoots, repairs and builds computers for the students and faculty. Sometimes he pinch-hits teaching language and computer classes.
Magik Missions: First and foremost, Magik is a Team Taxi. She handles transport to and from missions and other activities. Second, she is one of the few (if not only) X'er equipped to deal specifically with problems of a magical nature. Not much of a frontliner or combat resource unless the opponent is supernatural or magical in nature.
Notes: Illyana has a bit of a unique ability set outside of 'on screen' activities. She is sorceress supreme of her own dimension, and can use her magical abilities to pursue information about plots or to help characters, if they wish to request her help. (And are willing to pay the potential moral prices.)
Wasp One of the foremost if not the first female superheroes to really hit it big with the Avengers, the Wasp is probably famous on an international level. Used to be revered for her beauty, smarts and heroics by the media, she is now disparaged ridiculed and presented as one of the worst villains in the United States for her perceived betrayal of the Avengers and the public at large. Some believe what the media says, some do not. For the X-Men she is an asset in her field experience, ability to sneak in places with her tiny size, flight and Wasp Stings. As far as the Institute is concerned, she could offer advice and guidance to student who seek her help.
Rogue None
Marvel Girl None
Magma None
Wolverine None
Siryn None
Quicksilver None
Dead Girl None
X-23 None
White Queen None
Phoenix None
Goblyn None
Gambit None
Domino None
Psylocke None
Rockslide None
Mercury None
Seraph None